Final Fantasy 13 - 18.3GB Install for Xbox 360

Ve3tro writes: "Are you ready for Final Fantasy 13? Well if you are and picking up the title on Xbox 360 with the option of installing to your hard drive you will need a good amount of space.

After installing all three discs the total amount of space used up was 18.3GB's, so it's bad news for the (Arcade) 20GB owners."


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red2tango4961d ago

lmfao wtf, Square Enix always manages to f*ck something up.

FangBlade4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

what goes around comes around.

Bereaver4961d ago

Don't blame square, this is the 360 talking.

darthv724961d ago

"After installing all three discs the total amount of space used up was 18.3GB's, so it's bad news for the (Arcade) 20GB owners."

Are there people who game with a 20gb hdd on 360 anymore?

GreenRingOfLife4961d ago


I have a 120gb so this is no prob

Can't wait to play this game!

Ve3tro4961d ago

Many people will I'd imagine.

WhatARump4961d ago

I don't think the install is mandatory so its not that big of a deal for xbox 360 owners...

How do xbox owners without hard drives save their games btw? Always wondered...

Fishy Fingers4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

Judging on the HDD prices I'm sure many who's 360 came with 20GB wont of upgraded. I wouldnt have, but fortunately I have the Elite.

@WhatARump , Arcade models have internal storage, 256/512mb depending on age/model

ryuzu4961d ago

That's gonna be one expensive game when the price of a 120gb is added to it.... and having spent all that cash, you'll still end up with a poor quality port while SE and MS laugh their way to the bank....

Meh, I'd just put up with the disk swapping - yes it's like going back to CD ROM or floppy disk days, but at least MS don't get yet more of your cash on top of all the other crap.

In fact, if you don't want to relive the 90s or the 80s and avoid disk swapping, you'd be better off saving the cash and putting it towards a PS3.


cmrbe4961d ago

The x360 sales when it when the 199 arcade was introduced. I assume alot of people that bought the arcade because of price. The x360 HDD are still rip off's and such those that bought the arcade because of price might not have upgraded.

we won4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

They're bashing and hating on the 360 version as much as they can because they're trying to distract everybody from their lost exclusive's truth. http://n4g.com/NewsPendingC...

They're nervous as heck. It's going to be crazy next month I'm telling you.

4961d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

The install is optional like 100% of all 360 games, mandatory is for that other console.

@Sarcasm below you can't install the Mass Effect 2 disc 1 without installing disc 2. You will get a disc read error because both need to be installed. http://meforums.bioware.com...

Sarcasm4961d ago

I still have a 20gb on my 360. Heck, for ME2 I had to delete Disc 1 to install Disc 2. Then I was pissed off when I had to go back to Disc 1 and delete Disc 2 and re-install Disc 1. It's a clusterf*ck for 20gb hdd owners who want to do the install. And yes, I love to install the games on the 360 for the quieter operation and less risk of disc scratching.

Oh well, FFXIII on the 360 won't be an issue for me since I'm getting the PS3 version anyway.

I really hope MS drops the price of the 60gb or 120gb HDD's, I'm sick of deleting game installs.

Smkt4961d ago

there are many people with 20gb hdd.. and even more with the arcade version. and i dont see the point of the install when you'll have to swap discs anyway..

Immortal Kaim4961d ago

Umm how is it bad news for arcade owners, they are optional installs...?

Anyway, the real issue here is that 2gb of data hasn't been used across the 3 disks. Install size for 360
* Disc 1: 5.9GB
* Disc 2: 5.8GB
* Disc 3: 6.6GB


Sarcasm4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

@Immortal, they are optional and it isn't a big issue. But after playing on the 360 with the install option, it's hard to go back to the whining. I commend MS for having this feature. I wish we could do that to PS3 games. Heck, I'll install 33gb of Data if it gets me quieter operation and less wear and tear on the optical drive. Do it Sony!

Saaking4961d ago

While not mandatory, I feel that installs on the 360 ARE mandatory.

If you don't install your game, there's a MUCH bigger chance of:

3.Disk Scratching

Sucks for 360 owners. They get the THREE disk, SUB-HD, inferior version.

FamilyGuy4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

It's not like you have to install the disc in the first place. If you're a 20gb hdd 360 owner you probably don't choose to install games anyways.

This article is a waste of space.

But from the comments I did at least learn one thing. I never knew you couldn't just install one disc at a time until now. If it's a multi-disc game you have to install it all (apparently(ME2)) and that's kinda strange.

Immortal Kaim4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

I agree, my comment was in relation to the people implying that you would have to buy a larger HDD just to play the game. I also install all my games to the HDD (fortunately I have the 120GB model), and If I only had a 20GB HDD I would just install one at a time (like you did with ME2)...

I still can't get my head around why there is 2GB of data not used in the 360 version...Given the clear visual superiority of the PS3 version, why was that space not used to the benefit of the 360 version?

P.S Saaking, you're a moron, why are you still allowed to post in the gamer zone when you clearly aren't a gamer?

FamilyGuy4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Immortal, you're confusing me. Above it is said that you have to install all or nothing for the game (ME2 case, Jason360 comment) to work through install play and now you're saying the opposite.

Someone, anyone please clarify?

Rocket Sauce4960d ago

Install disc 1. Play it. Delete it. Install disc 2.

It takes like 5 minutes to install a game, so it's whatevs.

FamilyGuy4960d ago

"Anyway, the real issue here is that 2gb of data hasn't been used across the 3 disks. Install size for 360
* Disc 1: 5.9GB
* Disc 2: 5.8GB
* Disc 3: 6.6GB "

Dude, the majority of the game world is at the end of the game, that's why that disc has more space used...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4960d ago

FamilyGuy installing 1 disc at a time may work for FF. The disc read error is only for Mass Effect 2 that I know of.

gaffyh4960d ago

@Jason360- that's not true, I installed disc 1 of ME2 and it worked fine without installing the second disc.

AKNAA4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

good going Square... This is what happens when you focus all your attention on the more powerful console first! Hahaha!... PS3, no installs rite??:)

but seriously... 18.34g's!!!?? gawd damn, ps3 install's ain't got sh1t on this!

Immortal Kaim4960d ago

I'm unaware of the ME2 install issue...I have installed the 1st disk by itself and am currently playing through that, when I reach disk 2 I will let you know if there are any issues.

In regards to the space issue, my point is that 2GB of data has not been used across the 3 disks, did the 360 version really need so much compression if that is the case?

DavidBanner4960d ago

For the 360 owners oh yea Babenetta all over again payback is a Bee