The Possibilities of GTA IV

What's in and whats likley to make the final cut.

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kingofps35817d ago (Edited 5817d ago )

"The Possibilities of GTA IV" are endless. GTA on the Last-Gen was pretty badass and seemed limitless. This new generation would be no different. If it doesn’t deliver then Im sure others are dieing for it’s place this round (2 Days 2 Vegas, Driver 5, Crackdown, The Wheelman, Saints Row, Brain Age etc).

hep5817d ago

Will be interesting to see what happens after GTA IV. I'm sure it will blow us all away, but we hope to be playing a very different game this time around. And I bet when w see more of GTA we will be wondering why we took initial thoughts for granted I think.....

Anyway, awesome year for video games.

Ebay3rd5817d ago

I think this is gonna change the game... There is so much that can be done with games today, just can't wait to see which direction they actually go ... Good Gaming Guys...

sandip7875817d ago

what isnt possible on GTA? not much if you ask me.

iNcRiMiNaTi5817d ago (Edited 5817d ago )

i agree with page two but theres something i dont agree with in page three

"Real time passes as you play; some missions have you needing to turn on your console at night to complete etc"

.....this is basically for people with no lives or alotta time on their on the other hand goes to work and comes home late and is too tired to play at night, or if im not working id rather go somewhere with friends during the night rather than trying to complete a does this mean id never finish the game if this gets put in??

macsto5817d ago

you could just foward the clock on your console lol

iNcRiMiNaTi5817d ago

yea but id have to do it constantly if theres more than one mission that does it.....which means i gotta load up the mission, check to see how much time i need to speed up, load the game then play....again and again if that type of mission shows up

macsto5817d ago

I guess it would be good if they gave the gamer the option to play in real time or with an ingame clock.

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