Sony: Most GOWIII cutscenes won't be pre-rendered (real-time)


"When we found out that God of War III's cutscenes wouldn't contain any CG trickery, we still questioned whether the in-engine scenes would be pre-recorded and played back as videos (ie. pre-rendered.) When we further discovered that God of War III would be on a dual-layer Blu-ray, we felt that we had further evidence to point towards the huge amount of disc space required for FMVs, but now Sony Santa Monica has corrected us."

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Lord_Ranos4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

GOD OF WAR 3 Goty 2010!!!!!!!!

ELite_Ghost4019d ago


swiftshot934019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

"however some scenes were just to epic to run real time and thus are recorded videos."

Well, thats interesting. Im wondering how they've built they're engine to have most cut scenes in real time and still have no loading. From what Ive seen in most video games you either have to have one or the other (MGS4, Gears, Uncharted...). Anyways their engine seems very versatile, impressive.

Edit: @ plastica

thanks, yeah that makes a lot of sense. Having some baddies or a simple puzzle in a cavern or hallway would definitely mask loading times well. In fact I think GOWII did that as well, just dont see it in other games...

young juice4019d ago

"however some scenes were just to epic to run real time and thus are recorded videos."

the word "Epic" is not "EPIC" anymore.

i've also noticed alot of video game devs refering to their protagonists as "badass".

we need a new word something thats stupid but smart at the same time.

Immortal3214019d ago

or this game is so "Nuke"
or this game is so spectacu
or this game is so bliss

FamilyGuy4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Since when have CGI OR pre-rendered cut-scenes become a bad thing?

"This game is going to be GOW3!"
Hows that for a new saying that means epic?

young juice4019d ago

pludo (pluto).

yea man this game is pludo.:)

ima say that from now on.

watch me look like a tard

Hellsvacancy4019d ago

God Of War - "its gonna b f-in epic"

Off topic: i just gotta email from Sony sayin "Welcome to the PlayStation Home Private Beta" wots that about, Homes been public 4-ages

AKNAA4019d ago

“I hope you guys won’t miss the CG, I know I don’t miss it. The current cutscenes make the game feel more unified and flows from story to action better IMO.”

CG is so last gen....

TheGodofWar4019d ago

I'am the backbone to this game. It's going to epic in every way, shape and form. I'am coming for you Zeus and you will finally know what fear is like because I'AM THE GOD OF WAR! CHAOS WILL RISE AGAIN! After Zeus your next xbox fanboys.

supraman214019d ago

I liked CGI cut scenes in the old days of PS1 and PS2 cause its hard during cutscenes to have emotion towards characters with boxy smooshed faces. Now sense technology caught up and surpassed PS2 CGI cutscenes I dont care for pre rendered vids. It has the same graphics ingame just more epic sheat going on.

sikbeta4019d ago

"the word "Epic" is not "EPIC" anymore"

[EPIC = God of War]

"however some scenes were just to epic to run real time and thus are recorded videos"



FamilyGuy4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

More so now than ever before. When I look at the cut scenes in FF13 and even the ones in White Knight Chronicles I just think about how awesome a movie would be if it were rendered by these guys. Or how the game would be if it looked like those scenes. The CGI in FF13 FAR surpassed Advent Children already and that movie looked really good.

I know the scenes cut away from the real game play but I get MORE immersed in the games universe when those scenes play because they show a detail that the game itself can't achieve, not even in THIS console generation.

Just as in-game graphics get better, so does CGI though CG seems to have reached it's peak and when in-game finally catches up this time I should be satisfied.

Syronicus4018d ago

Articles like this are simply showing the fear of great PS3 games that is currently worn ont he sleaves of weak and prepubescent Xbox fanboys. Sad that they cannot just enjoy the games.

Immortal3214018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

for using their engine instead of cg. to me that's just rising the graphical bar to another level for console.

if this game graphic's does not get a 10, the reviewers are bias. people thought the the latest trailer was cg! and it's not! it's in-game.

not only that, the scale of the game is massive. It's a day 1 purchase.

games like this don't hold your hand, they just throw you in the deep end.

gameraxis4018d ago

and yesterday,

"No other reason could possibly explain why the game takes up the amount of space that it does."



jmd7494018d ago

why do people care about this nonesense. GOW3 is going to be a legendary game regardless of cutscenes being pre-rendered or not. so what, if the cutscene isn't realtime, it wouldn't look as good?! people these days... so stupid...

DW4018d ago

does any of this matter? I mean seriously, the game is gonna be hot - nuff said.

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tiamat54019d ago

Not so good with the tech speak. Is this bad? does it affect gameplay? Does it take away from the awesomeness? If not who really cares?

pixelsword4019d ago

-Is this bad?
No, not at all; it's just saying that some of the scenes may have been too taxing on the PS3 in terms of their current knowledge versus any future breakthroughs, so they recorded some of the cutscenes; but they did not use any CG.

-does it affect gameplay?
No. The only thing it does is if you have bonus costumes in some scenes, those costumes may not be in those scenes because the scene was pre-rendered as opposed to a real-time cutscene.

Does it take away from the awesomeness?
Not at all, unless you were looking forward to Dairy Bastard skull-Raping Zeus.

If not who really cares?

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