Interview with BioWare on Sonic RPG, handheld version of Baldur's Gate and KOTOR

There is an interview at IGN with BioWare on the Sonic RPG for the Nintendo DS:

IGN: Give us a taste of what we can expect out of Sonic's first RPG. Is this going to be anything like what Square did years ago with the Mario RPG SNES title?
Ray Muzyka, CEO of BioWare: [...] Without giving away too much, we can say that we will be using many of DS's feature sets and we'll really be pushing the limits of what the system can do, always striving to innovate in what we deliver, as in all BioWare games. Above all, we're committed to deliver a deep, compelling, unique and entertaining experience in this first BioWare RPG for DS.

IGN: Now that BioWare's focusing on the handheld market, can we expect to see the "big" BioWare games, like Baldur's Gate and KOTOR going handheld, or should we not hold our breaths?
Greg Zeschuk, President of BioWare: At this point, we are very focused on Sonic - like SEGA, we're looking at this as a title with huge potential. We have not announced any plans to bring any other titles to handheld yet!

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PS360WII4157d ago

"I'd argue that the DS is a near-perfect system to launch a new roleplaying game franchise on!"

Yes it is only one line from the 2 page interview but I think it was the most important ^^ DS will soon become the home to many great RPG's

ItsDubC4157d ago

It sure seems to be headed in that direction. Great news for me as I have a hard time falling asleep on plane flights and an array of RPGs on my DS is the perfect solution =)