Final Fantasy XIII - Xbox 360/ PS3 HD Video Comparison

TMC: New footage comparing both versions of Final Fantasy XIII is out on the internet. Do they look drastically different? Nope. Actually from what we can tell they literally look the same with the exception that 360 version is a bit darker.We can't see much of a difference but you be the judge.

*Remember to Click 720p HD on youtube*

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Vivi4031d ago

Black border around the video made the comparison irrelevant since that means the resolution isn't 1280x720 so we cant see how the 360 version actually looks when upscaled.

Oh and small internet streams hide the difference.

Noct4031d ago

Poor comparison.

Lets compare 1080P CGI and upscaled video footage on a youtube internet stream with a huge black border around it...

Oh and lol.



N4PS3G4031d ago

You lol at compressed youtube video but then you post direct captures from ps3 demo and use 360 captures from a compressed WMV video?

FUnny Stuff!

we won4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )


The supposed resolution(576p) of the 360 version came from compressed low resolution screenshots with the mouse pointer to begin with. Why is falsely claiming the 360 version is inferior so important to PS3 fanboys?

These actually confirm what gamespot and other have said, the 360 version is ever so slightly sharper. SE is trying their best to hide this fact as it would cause great damage with their fans and their sales. It's just the way the 360 hardware is, devs can try to match but the 360 hardware is designed for games.

I'll tab them up so you can quickly swap them to see the difference easier.

As if MSFT most likely investing millions on FF13 would let their version be inferior on more capable hardware.

Remember: Some Sony fan captured the resolution of the 360 mouse pointer pics, not the true game resolution. Iron_sheik made that up as he did Alan wake and other things, it spread like wild fire all over the web and he uses many persona's all over the web(Nasim)

This is just one example why I have one bubble folks.



"MY FAKE SCREENS" ???? Whaaaa! I used Google Chrome tab feature by right clinking on the photo to *open with new Tab* LOL

You're bitter I caught you lying in another article with you claiming MSxbox world said the 360 version was sub HD based from Nasims fake article.

ClownBelt4031d ago

Bro try again. I couldn't see your message.

Bungie4031d ago

wow 360 version look sharper IMO

can't believe this

PirateThom4031d ago

we won's fake screenshots are pretty good.

I would definitely buy the 360 version if I was a blind fanboy.

N4PS3G4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

@Pirate Thom

but you ARE a blind fanboy ..dunno what you talking about :\

You know ..i'm not saying i'm not either ..but you know , just sharing ;)

Mo0eY4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I see the dupe accounts are out and about doing their daily disagree 8 or 9 times. I wonder who it could be today.

Edit: I actually just read the comments. Oddly enough, Bungie and N4PS3G are here. Oddly enough, there have the sam amount of disagrees as agrees. Something smells fishy.

Edit 2: Now look at everyone approving this article when the reports have said that there is a black border around the video. I think I've proven my point.

FamilyGuy4031d ago

Black boarder +

Not only is there a border, and the cgi scene still noticeably different, they're comparing the PS3 japanese DEMO to the 360 retail release.

Unless, lens of truth will be on the way soon enough, no use for this.

AKNAA4031d ago

Are these comparisons trying to convince people to buy the 360 version as well or something?!
people who have a ps3 will get it on the ps3 period. 360 only owners will get it there for their system.
Both camps are happy, end of story!! cause this is nothing compared to the bayonetta fiasco.

thewhoopimen4031d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

N4PS3G, Bungie, or whoever you are. You are one of a very exceptional few of despicable posters I have ever had the displeasure of reading online.

This is about as low as you can possibly go trying to misinform people. I don't know who hired you to handle these PR stunts that you keep doing, but I doubt anyone sane enough to be a regular 360 fanboy could pull the utter bulls**t you manage to do time and time again.

Either you are an insanely obsessive/compulsive masochist or someone's paying you to rip. Either way, in my book you are complete TRASH, because I wouldn't do what you do even for the money. The fact that you put so much effort into disseminating false info is so PATHETIC.

Addendum: If you want a FAIR comparison get some 1080p videos of each game and do a shot by shot comparison. Specifically action sequences where compression tends to introduce blockiness, artifacting and noise.

@phantom-disagrees: Come up with something to defend your favorite fanboy toaster or GTFO.

zme-ul4031d ago

this video is useless and shows nothing of interest
at least a FPS counter and a % torn frame rate counter
what resolution did they ran, stuff like that

slayorofgods4031d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

PS3 owners are better at video games. The 360 player clearly received more damage during that battle.

edit: 2 disagrees in only one minute; Fanboyism is serious don't poke fun of it. Really what else is there to compare in this lame comparison?????

JasonPC360PS3Wii4030d ago

Lot of damage control from the PS3 side in this one. The PS3 fanboy sites here at N4G just lost a lot of cred. Looks like a good port and one side are going to look like fools when it's all over and done with. The fact that there is a PS3 and 360 comparison of FF at all is funny as hell. FF has always been a Playstation game and here it is playing and looking good on the 360.

SpaZaA4030d ago


*drumroll pleeze*!! !!
(more than likely N4PS3G's blog)

Seriously, it's so bad it's almost funny.
It seems some 360 fans are REALLY desperate to convince THEMSELVES that this game is on par with the PS3 version.

PshycoNinja4030d ago

how Jason 360 and Omega4 came back at the exact same time. How are you guy(s) doing? The N4G flame wars just hasn't been the same without you guys.

thewhoopimen4030d ago

Exactly my thinking... Who has the time to make up all this BS stuff up when there's something called LIFE out there. I swear it has to be their job or something.

360FTW24030d ago

If FF XIII was a PS3 exclusives, these dudes would be making comments like "FF XIII cannot be done on the 360" and "Only possible on the PS3"

I tell you what, for the 360 to be low on space, compressed, and not using blu-ray it sure looks pretty good to me. Good job SE.

Socrates4030d ago

It's sad the way some PS3 fanboys have been on a smear campaign against the 360 version of FFXIII.

Well, to all you fanatics, I just want to say that you are liars. You have no information to go off of, yet you won't stop in your insane FUD campaign.

I am willing to bet that when everything is out in the open we will find out that the 360 and PS3 versions are nearly equal. The PS3 version will have slightly better video quality during the CGI cutscenes and the 360 version might have a slight advantage during gameplay (or they may very well be almost identical during gameplay), but I will bet you anything that the 360 version will not be some gimped version like you guys have tried to convince everybody of. Just wait and see. You guys are going to look like fools.

beardpapa4030d ago

Do people really care? It's another multiplat comparison. Shouldn't we all just be grateful everyone (except the Wii crowd) gets to enjoy the FF13 game?

vhero4030d ago

What are people trying to prove with the 360 version? we know its not as good lets move on there's more than just FFXIII coming out this year jeez!

4030d ago
JonnyBadfinger4030d ago

the game is meh... i reckon BFBC2 looks better.

plus i hate the Final Fantasy franchise, so i will never admit it looks good. Hate CGI cut-scenes, thats why i wasnt the biggest fan of Halo Wars... the CGI ruins it.

But BFBC2 DOES look better.

gaffyh4030d ago

I can't believe this even got approved, the video is not even 720p! I would have approved it if it actually WAS 720p, but the black borders prove that it isn't at that resolution at all.

Oner4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

@ 360FTW2 (1.18) ~ You said

"The funny thing is...
If FF XIII was a PS3 exclusives, these dudes would be making comments like "FF XIII cannot be done on the 360" and "Only possible on the PS3"

I tell you what, for the 360 to be low on space, compressed, and not using blu-ray it sure looks pretty good to me. Good job SE."

That is by definition "settling for less" and what is wrong with this "gen" and "certain gamer types" probably because of the immaturity of the MANY out there that just go throughout life with blinders on, covering their ears with their hands and screaming "La, La, La, La, La I can't hear you!".

I personally don't settle for mediocrity in any other aspect of my life, so why should I in any product that I buy? Nope. Not me. I am smarter & better than that to fall for the BS! I have higher standards and tend spend my money wisely on better investments of higher quality Thank You. ;)

k-Lan4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

"That is by definition "settling for less" and what is wrong with this "gen" and "certain gamer types" probably because of the immaturity of the MANY out there that just go throughout life with blinders on, covering their ears with their hands and screaming "La, La, La, La, La I can't hear you!"

That actually sounds a lot like the masses of PS fanboys on this site.

Oner4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

^^^ Cool story bro.../s

Is that all you got? Because as I see it I have the PROOF above that actually supports my point vs your "opinion". Next time why don't you come up with something more unique, intellectually solid & personal than just stealing what I said to make some inept idiotic comment. That was seriously weak "k-Lan".

Edit: Oh and was that some sort of lame attempt at making a funny quip or joke about "L...Oner" because that was horrible & just goes to show the level of immaturity of "certain gamer types" around here. Please give it up before you make yourself look anymore misinformed and stupid than you already have.

Next time at least TRY to put some effort into attacking the post & not the gives you a bit more credibility and shows some educated maturity as well.

k-Lan4030d ago

You call that proof? Pasting a comment from the N4G comment section? Please tell me you're joking. You "settle for less" everyday with that online service called PSN. What's your point? Oh.. and your "point" is your opinion. Duh. Next time, try and make sense before you come back with a response that makes you look like the fool that you are. Have a nice day Mr. Edumacation.

KingME4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

"Next time why don't you come up with something more unique, intellectually solid & personal than just stealing what I said to make some inept idiotic comment."

Isn't that exactly what you did (1.25) when commenting on 360FTW2's comment. Now you're sounding like a hypocrit. Also read your comments again and answer this question: Do you really think that you sound educated?

I personally thing that the 360 version of FF XIII look nice. For those people that say the 360 version looks like crap, you're just being a ignorant fanboy, from what I seen the 360 version looked pretty good.

Lightsaber4030d ago

Well the 360 looks a lot better however that is a low res video so whatever

4030d ago
Oner4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

@ k & K ~ Just because I quoted someone doesn't mean my point afterwards is without merit or invalid, especially when it was a proper explanation in reply and not just making some copy paste failed witty comment (that is the difference right there). But I really don't need to defend my point(s) as they speak for them self clear enough. If I have to re-explain it (just as I did right now) then it's not my fault you couldn't grasp or comprehend what I said in the first place properly ;)

But I will say that I don't pay for LIVE! because my 360 has broken 5 times and isn't worth investing more money into it. If it fails again I will take it to the range and do the same thing I did to my original Xbox that broke as well ~

And as far as you thinking I am settling for PSN, I really don't see I can chat with my friends, play online games, send messages and such just as I could with a 360...BUT all for free at no additional cost or charge ~ plus post/read stuff on the net with a browser (something I can't do with a 360!).

So what I can't cross game chat with someone...yet...but that doesn't really matter as 99% of the time when I want to speak to someone they are already in one of the many dedicated server games (another thing the 360 lacks a lot of) that I am in anyway and if I REALLY wanted to chat with them it's not like I can't simply drop out of a little game and start a vid chat right up and then go back into a game right quick.

No. Big. Deal.

But the savings of about $250 for the cost of LIVE! over the past 5 years REALLY is a big deal! ;)

DevastationEve4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Alternative sources listed and posted by a PS3 fanboy with an obvious name.

Nuff said.

4030d ago
pixelsword4030d ago

...The 360 version isn't out yet; for this to be legit, the poster, "beans and rice" would have to be either working for SE, a reviewer, or the audio from the PS3 English version was used and called the 360 version.

I can't trust this... No, I'll wait until it's out to find out myself.

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Fishy Fingers4031d ago

Blow the video up to full screen and it's clearly not anything like HD (720p) quality. Youtube "HD" certainly aint no HD.

If you really want to compare, wait for a better source/feed.

GaMa854031d ago ShowReplies(1)
unchartedgoty4031d ago

imo i think they should cancel it for 360,its absolutely terrible, sorry that the truth hurts (THIS IS ALL IN MY OPINION). thanks

devsgreat4031d ago

absolutly!...they are going to steal money from the bots! will they buy deadly promonition than??

k-Lan4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

It's too bad your opinion is biased. When you mention "terrible" are you referring to the graphics? If so, what's your biased opinion on MAG's graphics? Btw, how's FF, since it seems you've played it on both systems?

dan_dufferin984030d ago

of course they should cancel it on the 360!!!!!! you know why?!! because THE PS3 IS THE BEST!!! NO IFS AND or BUTS!!!! PS3!! PS3!! How dare SE put a game on the 360! Unchartedgoty is absolutely right!! EVERYONE!! LISTEN TO UNCHARTEDGOTY!! HIS OPINION IS ABSOLUTE FACT!!! EVERYTHING ON THE 360 IS JUNK AND NOT WORTH GETTING!! ONLY ON PS3 IS SOMETHING WORTH GETTING AND PLAYING!!PFFT 360!

zeeshan4030d ago

@above: Your comment makes you look more stupid than you probably imagine.

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we won4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Gamespot says:

"However, we noticed at this stage that the movies on the Xbox 360 suffered from more compression than on the PlayStation 3, while the Xbox 360 had an overall crisper image quality in the main game."

LOL most of the PS3 fanboys in this article are the same person and the people reporting this article are the same person.

This is why pirate Thom is lying once again.

" PirateThom - 1 day ago

7 -
576p confirmed by an XBox website.

Agree(26) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply"

" we won - 1 day ago

7.4 -
It wasn't confirmed Some PS3 fanboy attached that rumor and added to the description making it seem like it was confirmed again after posting the same video.

This is what PirateThom is talking about.
It was fabricated PS3 fanboy damage control based on how pretty the video is despite the sh*t talking.


PirateThom got caught red handed so he's telling people to ignore me before people see was was acting like an average PS3 idiot. I love the damage control reaction from PS3 fanboys in this 360 article in the PS3 section.
Agree(6) | Disagree(11) | Report"

He got caught telling a lie based from this iron_sheik's article Iron_sheik simply wrote the lie of a rumor in the description and simply resubmitted the same video/story/article.

iron_sheik is: PirateThom/Nasim/antan/theband it/greywulf

Mo0eY4031d ago

Who honestly cares? The 360 version is GIMPED. You know it, I know it, and even the delusional bots know it. Let the PS3 owners gloat while the 360 owners boohoohoo. I'm sure there will be plenty of other multiplatforms that no one cares about that will probably look better on the 360.

robotnik4030d ago


4030d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_4030d ago

Did anyone read that RUBBISH??? Anyway R.I.P xBox 360!!! ;-P

+ POOR Micro$oft stole this game(well they stole it's Exclusiveness)and they end up with the CR*P version!!! ;-D

TheXgamerLive4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Now up close maybe closer than can be seen by the naked eye there may be a difference b/c yes the Xbox 360 version is just a port, yes a port, however it has better richer colors and actually looks a bit better than the ps3 version.

I know you sony fans will deny what I said b/c this is your really only big big game this year and we've taken that away from you, sorry but it's true. Yes it looks a bit better and richer on the Xbox 360 with the naked eye.

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