Roxor Games is proud to present 'In The Groove' for PC and Mac.

Roxor Games is proud to present ‘In The Groove’ for PC and Mac.

Roxor Games announced today that their widely popular dance game ‘In The Groove’ will be released at the end of July, 2006 for the PC and Mac. While sharing much in common with prior editions of ‘In The Groove’, the PC/Mac edition also adds:

• many new unlockable songs, including PC/Mac exclusive songs
• many new step charts exclusive to PC/Mac
• more unlockable courses and mods
• a full step editor for creating step charts
• export and import step charts from a USB drive for use with In The Groove 2 in arcades or for sharing creations
• support for widescreen displays
• high resolution graphics
• improved frame rates and faster loading (depending on how powerful your computer is)
• unedited versions of all music - the same mixes as the arcade version

Pre-Orders are now available from Cliff Racer as well as a free demo for download. Grab your copy today!

For Pre-Orders and a free demo copy of In The Groove go to:

About In The Groove
In The Groove (ITG) is an interactive dance video game that was designed from the ground up by hardcore dance game fans and takes dance games to an all new level of competition. While maintaining the same addictive gameplay of popular dance titles, In The Groove features exclusive, never before seen features like modifiers that make the game arrows spin, change speeds, boomerang, and move in 3D along with over 40 other amazing effects. Please visit for more information.

About Roxor
Roxor Games, Inc., based in Austin, TX, was established in 2002, develops technologies and game designs for the arcade, home, and online markets. The company develops games initially for the arcade leveraging the low cost of entry and immediate feedback of the arcade to test and refine the game experience. By developing and testing using this process, Roxor brings highly tuned and fun to play games to the demanding home console space. Roxor Softology includes a wide range of games such as Tux Racer Arcade, In The Groove Arcade, and the in-development multiplayer car combat game, Hordes: No Escape.

About Cliff Racer
Cliff Racer LLC, based in Canton, MI is a growing supplier of video game accessories and game development tools for customers across the globe, providing accessories for the PC and many newer and older video game consoles. With a focus on the "Retro" gaming scene, Cliff Racer provides products that give gamers more mileage out of their current hardware.

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