Bungie: We might make another Halo

Bungie has admitted that it may one day revisit the Halo series - telling CVG that seeing Halo: Reach as a complete full-stop on the studio's involvement is "premature".

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FangBlade4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Well since they're independent now, I would'nt be surprised if their next Halo will go multiplat.

The Meerkat4026d ago

MS own the Halo brand it cannot go Multiplat.

FangBlade4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

When I said multiplat, I meant PC and PC = multiplat.
Besides, Bungie could just rename the franchise.

Anon19744026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

...because we like money.

Edit below: Yeah. Or they might like money. :)

Vespertine4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

@FangBlade, please re-read what you just wrote.

"Bungie could just rename the series"

Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? It wouldn't make any sense.

@darkride66: Or maybe they just want to give fans another Halo game??

plb4026d ago

Not only that, but MS, afaik are fairly big shareholders over there.

BeaArthur4026d ago

FangBlade...if they renamed it, it wouldn't be Halo and thus negating your argument.

sofresh2004026d ago

Not surprised here, Halo is the only thing Bungie seems to be good at. I don't blame them, people keep buying the exact same game every time.

Cold 20004026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

"Bungie: We might make another Halo....
...because we like money." every normal person who wakes up in the morning to go to work ?

Do you know any dev who makes games out of charity ?

And dont even try convincing me Sony 1st part devs do because I see you coming and that's bullsh*t.

@below: well at least I know you're kidding. Darkrider is the kind of guy who actually belives that.

D4RkNIKON4026d ago

To be honest, I wouldn't buy it if it was on the PS3. Also there is no doubt in my mind that this is not the end of Halo. As long as the kiddies buy it up, it will be available to them.

Munky4026d ago

Halo is owned and published by Microsoft Game Studios. That is why MS created 343 Industries, to control everything Halo related.

Montrealien4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

(Sony 1st party devs do )

*mind blown*
I am starting to think many supporters of sony and MS for that matter think they are some kind of gaming angel in it for the community and would be willing to make no monay and feed the third world with games and solve world peace.

oh how wrong you are, Sony is one of the most vicious corporations ever, don`t buy into this pixie dust crap.

btw, this works for Microsoft as well, they are both in the same league. They are mega corporations that care about nothing more then the bottom line. Most of the kids here are attached to the Playstation Brand and that is understandable, but if you where to wind the clock to the 80 and early 90 I could assure you that Sony was a company hell bent on controling anything media related. Much Like MS is Hell bent on controling anything computer related. MS and Sony are much more alike then many of you think. This kind of rational common sense is ingored here on N4G, sadly..

Euripides said it best..
(Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.)

/on topic

I would be more interested in seeing Bungies Next project after Reach since they are one of the best devs around. but since I am also an avid Halo fan, I would not mind more games set in the Halo Universe made by them.

Fanb0y4026d ago

Bungie has already confirmed that they have a brand new IP in their works, and that they've been working on it for about one and a half years so far. And that Jason Jones is in charge of it. :D

Which means it's not Marathon. :(

Cold 20004026d ago

Cant wait to see waht they're up too.

I no its almost impossible but E3 reveal would be great.

ryuzu4026d ago

I think the best outcome would be for Bungie to make some more games for Mac. With Apple's popularity, Bungie could really raise the profile of Mac gaming or perhaps even assist Apple with the mythical Apple console.

I doubt that though - they'll potentially look at a Myth game or possibly try and get back into the Oni stuff.

I just hope they can pull off something worthwhile and not just create a multiplat Halo rip off (Fail-O anyone?) or disappear up their own rectum like John Romero...

The problem for Bungie in the big wide world of game development is standing out - their relationship with MS and the xbox platform has been very good. They've been big fish in small pond - but in the multiplat arena, graphics and gameplay go hand in hand - having solid gameplay but weak graphics (as has always been the case with Bungie) won't help when competing with the best devs across many platforms.


militant074026d ago

its easy to insult the others and not see yourself,
dont tell me you woudln't do the same and you dont like money.

and as long they make good games its OK for me!

JasonXE4026d ago

Master Chief will come back on the next xbox to sell consoles.

Anon19744026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

In what world is a company making games for money considered an insult? I'd do the EXACT same thing if I were in their shoes.

When they said Reach might be their last game Halo game I thought:

a) Crap. I love Halo. That would be a shame
and b) That's a huge money maker. Don't they like money?

This wasn't meant as an insult. You've got to be pretty damn defensive to think it was. Bungie's smart. They've proved that time and time again. They know a good thing when they see it.

ChanDangle4026d ago

Until they can wow me with a new IP, I still say they're a one trick pony.

siyrobbo4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

"Until they can wow me with a new IP, I still say they're a one trick pony"

what about marathon and myth? they were great games back in the day

oni wasnt half bad when it was released

anyone would have thought bungie wasa new studio...

Killjoy30004026d ago

Does Bungie know anything outside of Halo? Make a new franchise, Bungie, because Halo is seriously starting to grow stagnant. Even Insomniac games who relied on Ratchet for years mad Resistance.

New IP's is what this generation is all about, and this fact is reflected by Uncharted, Gears of War, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Motorstorm, Assassin's Creed and a ton more. I think this dev is creative enough to pump out something fresh and new.

Xeoset4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

They've created Marathon, a trilogy, and Oni, another legendary game, in their short time as independent developers.

Get your heads out of your arse and Sony's "pee-pees" out your mouths.

EDIT: And before you go batsh!t mental, recognise they're the face of a brand thanks to Microsoft's advertising FOR AN AMAZING GAME. There are plenty of reasons as to why they would consider carrying the series on, many thanks to the HUGE universe that they sculpted.

Yadayadayada... it's not like anybody here sees logic anyway.

Bungie4026d ago

Bungie is just too Awesome to stop making halo games

we'll see how the new ip goes , i'm sure it'll be EPIC as always

IdleLeeSiuLung4026d ago

MS and Sony is very much alike.

Remember the rootkit Sony installed on peoples computers?

What about that other nasty DRM tool named Securom, anyone?

How about the mini disc?

Ohhh, I almost forgot the proprietary over priced memory called Memory Sticks? They still force you to use that sh!t.

Sony has loosened up and I like them a lot more now, but I used to dislike their arrogance and their hell bent idea of locking in the consumer (very much like MS do now with the Xbox 360) with proprietary technology such as the memory stick.

Ever since Stringer came aboard, things have turned around a lot and I like what I see!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4026d ago

Damn FangBlade how does God of War 5 coming to the Xbox sound? Yeah is sounds just as stupid as Halo on the Playstation. Actually your comment shows your true colors and how you want to play Halo games.

I think Bungie just wants to take a small break from Halo and work on a new ip, which will be another exclusive. Halo without Bungie is like GTA without Rockstar, sure there are devs that can do it but their just not Bungie.

AKNAA4026d ago

Isn't the xbox's life source practically Halo?? so I'd say its a no brainer that the next halo game will be introduced with the next gen xbox 720( or whatever its called) for the sake of a successive launch against wii 2 and ps4.

pixelsword4026d ago

If you do Bungie, you got one loyal fan here who'll be more than willing to buy Day one.

N4BmpS4026d ago

Well if they can keep the series going without turning it into crap, then by all means continue but if MS wants Halo to keep going then it's going to keep going, to be honest I think it's MS influence Bungie probably wants to end Halo with 6 Halo titles.

Killjoy30004026d ago

Don't be ignorant. I'm talking about post-Halo, so get your head out of your ass. Marathon was a great game, but Oni?? Errrrmmmm.... Not sure about that one. But good try though.

BulletToothtony4026d ago

finish one first.. i remember that by the last halo game came out they were already talking about a new one.. now it's b4 they even release it.. sheesh

i know it's a franchise that sells well but damn.. focus on delivering the best game you can before focusing on making more money for goodness sakes

JonnyBadfinger4025d ago

They were never gunna drop it... words just got taken outta context then inflated with bulls***. I hope they drop the franchise for a couple of years to work on another title.

Halo isnt going anywhere, and i dont really think Bungie trust anyone other developer to handle their precious Halo... i dont want anyone else to make Halo BUT bungie.

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BeaArthur4026d ago

No surprise here. They can say that Reach was going to be their last Halo all they want but the money this franchise brings in is too much to turn away from.

Hands Up For Games4026d ago

True, but i wouldnt be suprised if this was the last Bungie Game on the 360, leaving Halo 4 for the next console.

I just want to see what 343 have been up to, they picked up a lot of talent when opening that studio and I am sure its not just Waypoint and Legends that they've been working on.

BeaArthur4026d ago

I agree the next full Halo game will probably be on the 720 (or whatever they are going to call it). I'll be excited for that one as well.

amobius4026d ago

i wish bungie would make something new

BeaArthur4026d ago

It would be nice to see some other titles, but I love the Halo franchise so I am fine with them continuing to make sequels.

Vespertine4026d ago

They actually are developing a new IP.

We'll probably know more about it after Halo: Reach.

RealityCheck4026d ago

I agree, I would think with Halo record sales that they could afford to develop two games at a time. One could be the next Halo sequel and the other game could be something new.

I would love to see what they could do if they applied the current gen treatment to their older ONI game, a mix of TPS and fighting mechanics. Hey, they could even make it in the Halo universe just like Halo Wars was a spin off.

Another One4025d ago

Well we know something new is coming next from Bungie. At least it's certain their next game wont be Halo related and then we'll see what else Bungie can put out after 10 years of only Halo.

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Foxgod4026d ago

Ms should turn Bungie in a 1st party dev, and let them work on a new franchise that plays like Marathon, so that MS got another big title under its wings.

Meanwhile all the Halo related stuff should just be with the newly formed studio's.

Fishy Fingers4026d ago

The pair only recently split, I don't see why they'd reform now. Bungie are a huge player now and successful enough to not have to be anyones first party developer and no doubt the freedom that grants could be refreshing.

siyrobbo4026d ago

hell no, i'd hate for the halo series to go the way of Call of duty
yearly HALO's would wear the franchise thin

JJFNIGHTS804026d ago

As long Halo makes them $$$ and more they will keep making it. That's all they care bout is $$$.

Fanb0y4026d ago

You mean Microsoft. Bungie wants to make other games.

Stop being so arrogant.