Xbox Live's Early Rising: Chris Early On The Growth Of Xbox Live Arcade

In the time since its re-launch with the Xbox 360 in late 2005, Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade has seen over 65 games appear on the service, with more than 25 million downloads of games and demos – an extraordinary number, even if the exact split between paid and unpaid content is unknown.

After joining Microsoft as studio manager for Microsoft Casual Games in March 2005, Chris Early stepped into the role of Microsoft's product unit manager for Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Casual Games in February, following the departure of Greg Canessa to PopCap Games. Gamasutra spoke to Early recently, and asked about the general state of Live Arcade, the effect that the company's Live Anywhere push will have on it, and a number of other topics.

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DirtyRat4132d ago

I think that XBLA is great I have enjoyed some of the games immensely such as Mad Tracks, streetfighter 2 and Uno, but I wish it was a little cheaper...800 MS points for an "old" game is a bit steep imo

kewlkat0074132d ago

about the XBL arcade titles is some of the games are re-mastered.
I play the old-school titles on the VC on the wii, of course it's the same exact game, but they are not made for wide-screen and, I nkow some people that have LCD tv's cannot have the tv mode, in 4:3 for more than 2 hours, so that sucks.

Why doesn't MS get the same games as VC gets? Nintendo must have something to do with it, I'm sure. MS does get new Arcade games tho, which will only get bigger as amateurs create games as well, with XNA and such.