Some features rumored to be in firmware 2.0

The latest version of PSM magazine have also revealed some details on what the expectations of the next "big" firmware update for the ps3 will consist of.

Read on.

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sack4225d ago

let hope this is true and will be out the same time as e3 or e for all.

Machety4225d ago

Xbox live is about ot be overated. When HOME come out we'll be like xbox what. lol

cuco334225d ago

but let me chime in with the above comment... home is going to be freakin stupid. preach all u want, i dont like the sims, i dont like second life therefore i won't like home. it's overrated... just more propaganda for u guys who swear ps3 is the end all be all of game systems. it's great, just not mecca

for the record, i'm enjoying my gaming NOW, not tomorrow ;)

Expy4225d ago

Home only "looks" like the sims and second life, it isn't an actual simulation of either game. It's an online community much like live, HOWEVER it is represented by sprites and not "gametags". It allows for more direct communication with other Playstation Network entities and allows for a multitude of functionality and expandable for the future...

Yes, everyone wants gaming NOW, however, once you reach the future, isn't that going to be "NOW" someday?

cuco334224d ago

but second life IS an online community, albeit glorified with ads, prettier graphics, trailers, and minigames like pool you can play with your friends or strangers. i like living my life OUTSIDE of a game console. u do know there is an outside social world right? why mimic it? how much more of an outcast do u really want to be?
when i game, i prefer playing with gamers and friends i know. on occasion no on is on and i get my online fix by going online hoping that i'll stumble across a non13yr old timmy scream his nonpubecent voice about how he owns this game. but maybe u guys are the same type to have 400 friends that u have no clue who they are and like being social outcasts? this my friends is why i think HOME is stupid. u might not think so. different strokes for different folks. hint: if u ever want to get laid, u won't do it via HOME

as for gaming NOW, thats why i'm pcwii60. gaming TOMORROW, i'll pickup a ps3 TOMORROW. but one feature i wont use is HOME. i'll try it, but thats as far as it gets

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HandShandy4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

This article is just speculation from a magazine.

Just like the big "FIRMWARE 2.0 DETAILS" Article a month ago, it was just some guy typing out what he WANTED to have in the next firmware update.

Those features would be nice, but again... too good to be true.

XMB Support is just simply at this point in time, not possible on the PS3. It would involve putting aside more precious ram or even a seperate SPU to support it... then you would have to have GAMES made so that they could use that feature. It's too early in the consoles software development to impliment that.

I would love RSS and the equaliser though...

sack4225d ago

if not then sony need to work harder.

LeShin4225d ago

I have to disagree about the XMB not being accessible in gameplay soon because:

1. There's a japanese game in the PSN store that already gives you access to the XMB during gameplay, and thats been there awhile.

2. Just messed about in my friends Home beta trial, they now have access to the XMB at anytime!

Hopefully we'll see this update soon.

SuperSaiyan44225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

In that article you gotta love this bit:

'This details are all from PSM magazine. Non of which have been confirmed by Sony yet. However, this could very well be true coming from a playstation magazine.'

Wow so yeah anything the PSM says its gotta be true right? Right? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

EDIT: Why am I scared? I own a PS3 HAHAHAHAHAHA in your face!

Babylonian4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Your laugh seems more of a frightened than enjoyable one. Are you feeling threatened because the PS3 is getting more and better firmware updates each time?

Don't be scared young one, all will be over real soon (E3).

wildcat4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

We're only at what, 1.81. In-Game XMB is only a matter of TIME, and there is still plenty of it before Fall(Home) to implement many of these features which will steadily enhance the In-Game activities. I don't think they have to all come with the 2.0 update... ;)

Shadow Flare4225d ago

sony gives more frequent and better updates than microsoft (a software company)

erosevaporator4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

All of this stuff was originally on the 360 out of box. I mean, I only bought my 360 2 months ago (6 months AFTEr I bought my ps3 at launch), but I didn't have to wait to listen to my own music or check my messages until I was done playing a game. It's my understanding (and I will find out for sure soon), that M$ updates their consoles every quarter, and that they are worth it every time. They really don't have mush to improve on, IMO....the games are good and plentiful, and so far I have spent at LEAST 2000 bucks on my ps3 (including the purchase of games), and all I have to show for it is Oblivion, Resistance (which are AWESOME), and a whole mess of stuff I have bought while on reserve (which takes my total to about 3000 something)that have been pushed back a number of times. Funny how Sony, an electronics company, made a great system and blu-ray player, and M$ is kicking their a$$ when it comes to fringe that makes the gaming aspect better in many ways that sony should have thought of before, while at the same time offering a second-rate HD movie player and game system... They are both excelling in what they know, if you ask me.

jvillan4225d ago

well microsoft doesn't have to update as much b/c almost everything xbl users wanted was included when the system launched, I mean all the basic functionality features

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