Preview: Halo 3

'Love, Bungie' reads the message on the screen as your first look at Halo 3 loads. It can never be argued that Bungie hasn't been good to its fans. If anything, the success of Halo 2's multiplayer is testament to the care the studio takes of its audience.

With the public multiplayer beta of Halo 3, Bungie once again gave something back: more than a demo, it's a chance for fans to take part in the development process, a big thank you for the success of the series.

But the gifts don't end there, as jumping in for the first time you were immediately reminded of how Bungie operates, of how incredibly user-friendly everything is. Halo 2's matchmaking system should have revolutionised the way online gaming is handled on consoles, yet for some reason has yet to be matched. Halo 3 promises to do just that.

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deepio4132d ago

What a great preview....not.

Crazyglues4132d ago

I was just thinking the same thing.

tplarkin74132d ago

The "exclusive" Halo 3 preview could have been written months ago. It's just beta coverage.

DreamSnach24132d ago

that you two are d!ick heads......not! no no me kid me kid lol you really are

deepio4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

You wanna explain how you came to that conclusion?

You see, I'm a big fan of Halo and infact I am currently suffering from Halo 3 withdrawal symptoms but...this was a rubbish preview, simple as that, no need for calling names is there?

VirusE4132d ago

Welcome to last month! What a let down:(

Says you4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Working on Killzone 2 should the alpha of Halo 3 should look better than this? or have 3 years making this is going to get good as it can get considering it doesnt look even close to being good, Halo 3 has got nothing but and upgrade to its graphics I would thought even for 3 years that they have been making this game longer than Guerrilla making Killzone 2 I would think they would surpass the graphics of Halo 2 but even though they make the final product the graphics is just going to be the same as the alpha stage they may have the same old gameplay with new vehicles and weapons some from Halo but you got to admitt after all 3 years of working of Halo 3 you would think it would be mind blowing even on the alpha stage like Lair and Heavenly sword is for PS3

actually its 10.4 million its not even close to 10.6 million on XBox 360.

Honeal2g4132d ago

But... it all dwindles down to the fact that its halo 3 .to me it could look like halo2 for all i care it is obviously a different game new map/redone maps aswell, new weapons almost all balanced sick vehicles and equipment still some yet to be seen. The film save feature is sick. Honestly no matter wat this game looks like it will sell far more than killzone just because of its history not that killzone isnt gonna sell...its just that the first one was kinda trash and its almost like a new series (but then again if u look at gears it sold well and was new so i guess u never know wat could happen) but back to halo 3, that game will probably sell more than any of the previous versions..if u look back people said halo2 was crap compared to halo 1 but... lets look at the sales...Halo(6.43 million copies) Halo 2 (8.21 million copies) at that rate halo3 is bound to move consoles assuming that the current 10.06million 360 users are not all fans... so yea the graphics are not up to par but its the gameplay that sells the series! (o and my stats came from vgchartz)

CG4132d ago

You obviously talk out your ass!!

All i can say is Halo 3 = close to 5 million pre-oders already.
Can you say the same for killzone 2, lair or any other PS3 game??? NO! so STFU.

cookiemonster4132d ago

killzone may look better...but will it play better? will it have spaceships, atvs, warthogs, and deployables?

kevoncox4132d ago

Killzone and Halo have 2 different artstyles. Both games look amazing. The difference in graphics from Halo 2-3 is going to be smaller because Halo 2 look/ still look amazing. Killzone 1....not so much.
get over it. The games are aiming for different artsyles. Which game looks better, Trusty bell or FF13???? Different artsyles.

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_insane_cobra4132d ago

What can I say, another great preview from Edge.

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