Sixaxixs Shock Details Unveiled ?

In this month section of PSM in France, there have been details that have been released in reference to the new ps3 controller. None of this has been confirmed by Sony but these details came from PSM.

Technical details :
- the gyroscopic functions can cohabit with the vibrations. The explanation? The speed to which a player can move the lever is quite lower at the speed of the vibrations.
- the engine of vibration could be inclu in the lever without having to modify the form of it. There is enough place for the new engine, and this one, concus by Immersion, are lighter for an obstruction equivalent.
- One indeed has to expect a reduction in the autonomy of Sixaxis. Nevertheless, the new engine of vibration does not consume more than the old models (Dualshock) in spite of the fact that it is more powerful.
- the new engine is less expensive to build, and a possible rise in price of the pad should be only very light.
- With an update of the firmware, we will be able to have the vibrations for plays PS2

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D R Fz4132d ago

"Details on the “Touchsense” :

New technology, named “Touchsense” is a mini-revolution. Indeed, from now on, the vibrations will not emanate solely any more from the handles of the pad (as on Dualshock) but will be perceptible in various places of the lever. It as should be specified as they will be more powerful, more intense and over short periods if the programmers wish it. Thus, the developers will be able to create a multitude of still new effects. If Sony chooses this technology, it will thus not act of a simple return of the vibrations, but well of a very new technology

Some examples :

- This technology will be able to reproduce the fast jolt and forces caused by a shot,
- Immersion promises that one will be able to feel the asperities of the road in the plays of race (like Dirt), but also small shocks related on the shiftings of speed and even to accelerations or decelerations.

Thanks toplay3-live. "

So in essence, if this is true, the next iteration of the ps3 controller will have next-gen rumble. Great to be a ps3 owner.

Ebay3rd4132d ago

Agreed. The return of rumble is gonna be great.

THE_JUDGE4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

if they add Touchsense then rumble will be last gen. Touchsense is rumble on the next level. I think that Sony will add it as long as its cost effective. I think that if Touchsense is in the controllers at E3, you could get a Wii effect like from last year. Everyone comes to feel the controller but this time you'll have the games and graphics to match. This would be excellent and I for one would love to have it!!

ps. please give me some bubbles!!!

nix4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

i hope they figure out this rumble issue fast... what i want to know is how will the existing users upgrade to rumble? via firmware and by buying new joysticks, i guess.

but nevertheless.. sounds cool! q:

ownallconsoles4132d ago

"- the new engine is less expensive to build, and a possible rise in price of the pad should be only very light.
- With an update of the firmware, we will be able to have the vibrations for plays PS2"

means that a new firmware will definitely allow current ps3 owners to use the new controllers and the price of the new controller won't be to expensive. Great news nonetheless.

DrRage774132d ago

you are going to have to buy new joysticks in order to get the rumble feature since there is no rumble inside the current ps3 controllers...get the lube ready since now you have to spend an extra $100 if you want get rumble controllers...

VaeVictus4132d ago

Yeah, b/c it is so much better to spend $140 on a broken Xbox 360.

GoLeafsGo4132d ago

Sounds rather interesting.
Let's just hope this isn't some rumor.

Speaking of rumors, I wonder how much of what Gamers-Creed has been reported will be proven as rumors.
I don't doubt them..but the claims I've seen made have been somewhat, shall we say, over the top?

If true, GREAT news for gamers all around..especially if the mentioned technology picks up.

peksi4132d ago

New users will rejoice but existing users will not be very happy to pay more. Hopefully Sony will meet them half way with some kinda upgrade offer.

Hmm.. actually it's quite evident they will. What else could they do?

GoLeafsGo4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Did Sony provide some sort of -half-way arrangement when they introduced the analog sticks, and then the rumble, for the PS1 controllers?

I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything, I'm actually asking.

psycho3604132d ago

Now suddenly rumble is next gen and everyone is eagerly awaiting it. What happend to we dont miss rumble posts of few months back?

GoLeafsGo4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

I don't MISS rumble, per se.
But I'm very impatient, and the vibration on the DS2 usually told me that the game had loaded and whatnot (as I'd start watchign TV during any load screen). With the PS3, I end up entering an online game, and without knowing what's going on, I may get slugged 3 or 4 times before I even go back to check it.

And come on, Sony's been spewing pure crap since E3 '05 (it all started with KZ2), so I don't understand why people can say everything else Sony has said has been crap, yet use the "Sony said rumble is not next-gen" argument over and over again.

And no, that wasn't a shot at you. It's at all those that constantly change their views to make themselves feel better......somehow =|

I forgot to mention that this differs from the rumble technology that's bene used thus far. Maybe THIS rumble is next-gen? Just throwing that out that.

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