Microsoft Ships 5 Million Xbox 360's

With the announcement of Microsoft's financial results for the 4th quarter comes the news that it has reached its goal of shipping 5 million Xbox 360 units, and that its Home & Entertainment division saw revenue increases of 129%.

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Marriot VP5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

okay I did some math and here it is

360's 5 million
Lost revenue 414 million

That's about 80 bucks per console that microsoft pays. Of course it's probably less because the 414m is all of MS's Home and Entertainment losses.

So the 80 bucks per console is a limit on how truly expensive it is.

shotty5403d ago

It doesn't work like that. Microsoft is also a gaming publisher and alot of money is spent making games like Halo 3, Forza 2, Gears of War, Viva Pinate and etc. Also alot of money is made on games sales but more money is spent making more consoles and making more new games. This is why companies with smaller pockets like Nintendo make consoles that immediately start making money.

Marriot VP5403d ago

yah I know, I said 80 bucks is a price cap. Like making a 360 premium doesn't cost more than 480 by a long shot.

Jay da 2KBalla5404d ago

Why did the other story get deleted?

THELANDSOFSAND5404d ago (Edited 5404d ago )

um. its back now.


Boink5404d ago

well done, no surprise though. 80-100$ per console sounds about right. makes the 200-300$ sony will lose per ps3 sold look great:)

andy capps5404d ago

The $600 version costs $750 to make, that's a $150 loss. I don't know the cost of the $500 version but the loss is probably comparable.

Marriot VP5404d ago

says who andy, right now it's inbetween 200-300

TheMART5402d ago

wrong the PSZero costs at least 800 and probably 900 dollar a console.

800 dollar was a price when they had a 90% yield on CPU Cell. But they only get 10 to 20%. Those costs have to be accounted also.

So it's 300 dollars loss on every console easily for Sony. Imagine that. With 10 million PS64's sold thats


OMG Sony has 600 million dollars loss already every quarter and just took a multimillion dollar loan from a bank. Another company would use shares, but shareholders don't want Sony anmore. Their shares were cut in half by price, once 120 dollars down so far.

A company very lickely to go into bankruptcy if BetaBluRay fails and the PS goes right after it

shotty5403d ago

What, it sounds like another goal that Microsoft has set and have met. More companies should keep their word.