IGN: Deadly Premonition Review

Awful in nearly every way. The Twin Peaks meets Resident Evil with a dash of Grand Theft Auto formula sounds pretty great, but it was well beyond the capabilities of this development team. Terrible controls. Terrible pacing. Terrible sound effects. Terrible visuals. Maybe you can convince yourself that these things don't matter as you work through this surreal and quirky storyline. The rest will be off playing better videogames.

Presentation - 6.0
Graphics - 1.0
Sound - 2.0
Gameplay - 3.0
Lasting Appeal - 3.0
Overall -

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Mucudadada4971d ago

Lol, wow. I'm a pretty well-informed gamer and I have never ever heardof this. Now I know why.


Yeah, I've never heard of this game and the reviewer says he/she was hyped for it since 2007...sucks for them, ha!

JokesOnYou4971d ago

Yeah, I saw this game a couple months ago and I knew it would suck, I don't think the dev's were seriously even trying to make a decent game, just a money grab intended to squeak out a profit on a console, with a 30+ million fanbase. Reminds me of all the shovelware made for the ps2.

2/10 lmfao....pffft, Luckily this year is packed with alot of awesome games for the 360.


young juice4971d ago

this is 360's answer to heavy rain.

-Alpha4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

This is what happens when you try to force games to be like other games.


yeah, I suppose IGN is credible all of a sudden...again..

fox024971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

If this was a PS3 exclusive (aka White Knight) you'd see:
- Media is biased
- can't spell IGNorant without...
- it's a great game media doesn't understand it
- it's not your typical shooter so the media hates it
- What did you expect from IGN...
- The "have you played it" line
- It's Japanese so people hate it
- X360 sux
- M$ sux
and so on and so forth...

I predict 20+ disagrees from the zealots and bubble rape

STK0264971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Just to be sure, everyone realizes this is a multiplatform game right?

Edit : my mistake, saw "also on : PS3" on IGN, so I thought it was a simultaneous release on both platforms.

fox024971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

"this is 360's answer to heavy rain."
Heavy rain is just an updated version of Indigo Prophecy, nothing to go all dandy about.

It's release date for PS3 is TBA, just like Last Remnant

My point is, a Heavy Rain look-a-like is already on a Microsoft's console (and it "flopped"), so how can this be a response to a game they already have?

young juice4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

indigo prophecy isnt on ps3.

so for people on the ps3 who have never played indigo prophecy, they can now play a better version.

Edit: yea indigo prophecy was made for original xbox/ps2=last gen. all sequals are basically an updated version of the last game. indigo prophecy vs heavy rain compare them.

Hellsvacancy4971d ago

It got worse then The Punisher didnt it?

Chubear4971d ago

I must say though, I don't know why they give the graphics a 1 rating. This is current gen gaming and the wii's library of games look just like this too but they get 8s & 9s... why?

If graphics like this are good enough for a current gen system like the wii to get rated as good then why should games on the PS3 & 360 that look like wii games get 1s?

young juice4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

because a ps3/360 game looking like a wii game is NOT good.

STK0264971d ago

Graphics are judged with the platform in mind. Obviously a PSP game is not expected to look as good as a PC game, therefor a PC game looking like a PSP game would get a very low score in graphics. The same applies with the Wii and the Ps3/360. Everyone knows the Wii is unable to display HD graphics and is somewhat similar to the original Xbox when it comes to graphics (a tad better though), while both the PS3 and the 360 are much more powerful systems, it only makes sense to judge wii games and 360/ps3 games on a different scale.

Since the PS3 and the 360 are looking similar (I know we haven't seen anything like UC2 on the 360, but you can't deny that both platforms have similar capabilities and limits when it comes to memory), they are both put in the same scale.

Chubear4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

What the hell are you guys babbling about?

The wii isn't a handheld and it isn't a PC. It's a home entertainment gaming console that was sold on the premise that graphics aren't not overly important but rather gameplay so I'd expect that though it's counter parts in the 360 & PS3 consoles would get high ratings for graphics, the wii would get lower rating for graphics but much higher ratings for gamplay.

This isn't the case though when you see games like frikgen Boom blox given 8s for graphics.

The wii, 360, PS3 are all current gen home entertainment consoles and should be judged as such not giving special treatment to the wii cause it can't present current gen graphics like the other two. It was Nintendo's choice to do that this gen.

One thing I've always found highly hypocritical of the gaming media for not calling out Nintendo in this.. and those bloody wii friend codes. Seriously, what the hell are those things?

TotalPS3Fanboy4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

that this is the answer to Heavy Rain for the 360. I guess I am too gullible sometimes. Always getting tricked by 360 gamers.

FamilyGuy4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Why are you guys such babies? Just cuz someone disagrees with a review of a game THAT THEY'VE ACTUALLY PLAYED that doesn't make them a "defense force".

If YOU haven't played this game or haven't played White Knight Chronicles (since that's the referenced game review comparison here) you have no room to comment on the quality of the title beyond things like "it doesn't/didn't look good". If you haven't played it how can you AGREE OR disagree with a reviewer?

People defend THAT game because they've played it NOT just cuz it's a PS3 exclusive. There's plenty of PS3 supporters who openly admit when a game, or more importantly an exclusive is bad or has bad elements. PS3 gamers admit Heavenly Sword was too short with no replay vale, Haze was "bad" overall (though I know nothing of what was wrong with that title), the Lair's six-axis only style was a horrible idea (it later was patched) and admit to anything else that was wrong with that title.

We aren't the "blind fanboys" just because we have our own opinion of things we've actually experienced.

PS3 fanboys are the "logical, know-it-all, pushy" fanboys
360 fanboys are the "ignorant, make-crap-up-and-hope-people-f all-for-it" fanboys.

Speaking of which; White Knight Chronicles: International Edition is NOT 1080p, it can't even be forced into 1080p. I don't know if the japanese version was or what but that claim should stop.

"I predict 20+ disagrees from the zealots and bubble rape"
And I say it's well deserved, LMAO!

Cold 20004971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

"People defend THAT game because they've played it NOT just cuz it's a PS3 exclusive"

Yeah right, so everyone on N4G had MAG and WKC before the release date. Wow congrats to you.

"PS3 fanboys are the "logical, know-it-all, pushy" fanboys
360 fanboys are the "ignorant, make-crap-up-and-hope-people-f all-for-it" fanboys."

Well if you are so logical and that facts are in your favor why are they the most butthurt ?
Facts speak for themselves, facts and logic don't need an army spewing crap on the net.

edit:@below: Whats so logical about defending a PS3 exclusive that gets 6-7/10 all over the planet (a la WKC) when YOU havent played it yet and the reviewers have ?

I guess everyone in this thread had WKC right ? Kind of weird the game wasnt even out yet http://www.n4g.com/NewsCom-...

Cant wait for some more crappy unlogical argument from ya.
Bring it on.

edit: LMAO, why did you send me a PM. Just prove me wrong rather than sending sour PM's.
I provided a link. Now prove me wrong on that specific point rather than hiding behind pitiful PM's lol. What the heck was that ? :D
I mean you ARE the "logical, know-it-all, pushy" fanboy right ? So come on! It shoudnt be too hard for ya. LOL.

FamilyGuy4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

I don't completely understand the "question", maybe you could compose it a little better so that I could. From what I can gather you're asking why a logical person gets "butthurt" when people lie to make themselves... seem smart/knowledgeable.

I get *annoyed whenever anyone spews BullSh!t, it's just how I am.

"Yeah right, so everyone on N4G had MAG and WKC before the release date. Wow congrats to you."

Would you mind pointing me to someone defending WKCs before owning the game? Would you mind being less ignorant to the fact that MAG had an extensive beta that people judged the game (for better OR worse) off of? Not to mention that SOME people may have played the year old, japanese version of WKCs.

Like I said:
PS3 fanboys are the "logical, know-it-all, pushy" fanboys
360 fanboys are the "ignorant, make-crap-up-and-hope-people-f all-for-it" fanboys.

stop making sh1t up, LOL

DMason4971d ago

I live and breathe gaming day in and day out. I listen to podcasts, frequent forums, and read every gaming news site I get a chance to.. I can honestly say Ive never heard of this game.

FamilyGuy4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

I PM'd you because you don't have many bubbles and I wasn't sure if you'd come back to this topic.

@ the link you provided

I'll repeat this but in a way you couldn't possibly misunderstand this time.

Can you provide me with *a* link to *a* person who is saying that "White Knight Chronicles is a great game" or something like that) before they had ever played the game?

I want to see someone saying " Don't believe these guys, I haven't played it yet but I KNOW it's a great game"

The PS3 owners who HAVE played it almost unanimously give it an 8/10 which is much higher than the press/review average.

Cold 20004971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Yeah right you thought I wasnt going to come back...(rolls eyes). And dont worry about my bubbles. I got enough to show how idiotic your post was :)

"Can you provide me with *a* link to *a* person who is saying that "White Knight Chronicles is a great game" or something like that) before they had ever played the game?"

Thats what you guys do all the time. And you're playing with words right there. You have the evidance right under you nose.

Look, if you got nothing to say better just shut up.

Not wasting my time with you anymore.


P.S: Dont ever send me one of those dumb*ss pitiful PM's again. Keep that sh*t for yourself.

FamilyGuy4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Read the post above yours.

(Maye I should PM this since you just deleted your comment) I left the first time after I finished my post so that I could read other news. As is the reason I come to this site.

And now that you finished editing you last comment you have PROVED my point. You're ignorant and making crap up. No one EVER claimed that WKCs was a great or good game BEFORE they ever played it. PS3 "fanboys" give out REAL opinions. I just remembered another one "inFamous, was good but the missions were very repetitive." We can and DO criticize our own games when there's actual issues worth mentioning.

I only heard of this game like a week or two ago and I only entered this topic because (from the articles picture) I wondered if this was anything like Dante's Inferno and if the there were t1tties is the game cuz that picture kinda looks like that early scene in Dantes Inferno.

RadientFlux4971d ago

never heard of this game, and now I don't even what to play it.

STK0264971d ago

Following this logic, any 3D game on the DS should get a 5 or less in graphics, since the DS is a handheld just like the PSP, but its ability to deliver 3D graphics is quite inferior, with lower resolution textures and a lower polygon count. Would it make sense to give a game like Metroid Prime Hunters a 5 in graphics because it pales in comparison with Final Fantasy Dissidia on the PSP?

When you review a game, you have to take into account the technical limits of the system they are being released on and they are more often than not, judged in comparison with previous games on the said system. A PS3 game like Resistance might have gotten 8 and 9s when it was released back in 2006, but would the same game be released in 2010, it would most likely score 7 and 8s, due to games like Uncharted 2, Gears of War 2 and Heavy rain showcasing what games can look like on this generation of consoles. But since it's clear by now that the Wii cannot deliver the same graphical fidelity, it has been put on a scale of its own.

Old Greg4970d ago

was this article put here to shame 360 gamers? lol.

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kenpachi4971d ago

now bots this is what you call a flop