The Dos and Don'ts of Forza Motorsport 2

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So Forza Motorsport 2, one of the more anticipated Xbox 360 releases of 2007, has finally landed and from what the sales charts and our friends list are suggesting, you all bought it. So much for Shadowrun, hey… Anyway, now that we have eaten plenty of virtual dust and inhaled unhealthy levels of burnt rubber we've unearthed the finer points about the game that you may not read in any orthodox review. So here we go, the Dos and Don'ts we've learned from Forza Motorsport 2 to take into the future evolution of the racing genre.

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caffman4135d ago

as I hated the demo, however I'm on every night on Shadowrun!

P4KY B4135d ago

Do buy the steering wheel its fantastic and transforms the game.
Do buy my nicely painted cars in the auction house for lost of money.
Do use your own custom soundtrack (if i hear 'my house' one more time Aaargh)

DONT drive the wrong way round the track just because you cant win and ruin it for everyone else.

Odion4135d ago

Oh man i have done that a lot, i loose i just turn around and slam into the winner

SlappingOysters4135d ago

People who turn around and drive the wrong way are pure scum. They should have a system where if you travel more than 50m in wrong direction you are banished from the server

VirusE4135d ago

The wheel is a must, its a different game with it.

RaceSIMS4135d ago

if the name was nascar then yea pit stops , if the name was formula 1 then yea pit stops, full blown pit stops is cool but come on racers! this is a simracer period. , in car views is cool as well, do I need it in order for it to be the best race sim NO i don't , do i think GT5 could up the anty on forza motorsport yes i do, ,as we see they have enough time to add and fix so things should be fun, do i think forza 3 will be better then forza 2 AND GT5 yes i do , RACESIMS ova and out,lol

SDS Overfiend4135d ago

Don't Mess it up for everybody cause your losing. Simply Step ypou game and proceed to wreck havok when you have a better knowledge for the game.

Don't Compare thumbsticks to steering wheel when drive car without power steering.

Don't Race a Charger against a Fairlady that souped up max in Green Hell.

Do Enjoy the Hell out of this game cause it don't get much better than this.

Don't Spend your money on car that you have not drove yet. Instead Borrow your friend car then send it back to him then make you decision (Like real life.).

Mighty Boom4135d ago

A pathetic attempt indeed...