Nintendo's Winning Ways

Next-Gen looks at the company's history in the last 25 years. The company has been characterised by an eagerness to take risks, and yet it is the world's most profitable game company. How does Nintendo do it?

The real Nintendo hallmark has never been the Seal Of Quality, or Mario's moustache, or Miyamoto's cheesy grin: ever since the launch of the NES it's been the yen.

The one, unshakable constant in Nintendo's quarter-century of videogame production has been profit. In the decade after the launch of the company's first console, its share of the gaming market topped 90 per cent, and its profits rose inexorably to supply Game Over author David Sheff with his famous estimate that it earned $2 million for each and every employee.

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aqtrunks4133d ago

Wow, that was the best opinion article I have ever read on ever!

Sure it was about Nintendo, but it didn't claim a dumb hypothesis that the Wii or DS would be the best system ever!

I was disappointed the article did not mention more of the technology standpoint of Nintendo however. Meaning their decision to not push the technology if it was still not yet affordable to the consumer. Overall, it was still great, and I'm glad it wasn't written to push some fanboy buttons.

Kastor_Troii4129d ago

Great article loved the point in which Nintendo pushed the "Quality" over "Quantity" argument.Live and learn i guess,Gameplay is king in my book,and in Nintendo's.Good Job Long Live Nintendo!!!