Gaming vs. Girlfriend

Girlfriends. The villains of our gaming desires. Too often making us choose between them and our gaming needs. It's never an easy choice, one wrong word could mean disaster! So what is a gamer to do in this situation? Relax! Explicit Gamer is here to help!

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GUCommander4032d ago

These situations are all too familiar to MANY gamers. I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend who games for the same reasons I do...because it is entertainment just like movies, music, and television.

Blaster_Master4032d ago

Lucky bastard. How in the heck did you find a girl smart enough to use a controller? LOL!

GUCommander4032d ago

rofl just lucky I guess. My previous girlfriend though they were used for breaking tvs so it was only fair that I found one who didn't break tvs with controllers ;)

presto7174030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I think I'll gaming for now. Dealing with all this stuff has left a bad taste in my mouth...

Luckily my ps3 never leaves me heart-broken.

Immortal3214030d ago

"how you find a girl smart enough to work a controller!"

that is pure gold.

bubbles to you sir.

I'm a bit jealous, I have to play it off and act like I don't know how to play games.

MAR-TYR-DOM4030d ago

if your having girl problems i feel bad for you son... i got 99 problems but a b1tch aint one!

AKNAA4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

my only advice is to never play a game after having sex.... man, that was the first and last time I pulled that sh1t! lol!

@Mar, Lol! that was good dawg!

presto7174030d ago

Lol. I used to love singing that song and saying that line....

but what can I say. Times change I guess.

ThanatosDMC4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

You'd have to pick the girl or else this could happen.

"Stop yo!"

hagla4030d ago

Yeah my girlfriend plays games... But she refuses to play with me cause i can't stop myself from telling her what to do. Have you ever tried to bite your tongue when someone is searching every nook and cranny and you already know there is nothing there?

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Lou Ferrigno4032d ago FTW! lol na im jk.

Typok4032d ago

Thanks for the comments guys! My wife is cool with me gaming but I know people who have girlfriends that hate it. Thats where the idea came from. =D

Immortal3214030d ago

the world would be a better place!

it would give you a reason to brag about your gamer score or what level you are.

naa the real problem is people.....

mrb3ar4030d ago

strangely enough, i have a friend in the same situations with the roles reversed. The girl wants to game, and the guy hates it -- A very rare sight indeed

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