SCEA: PSP Will Be Big Revenue Driver

The PlayStation Portable just came off one of its best months, selling over 221K units in the U.S. during May. We chatted with Senior Marketing Manager for PSP, John Koller, about the state of Sony's portable business, what they've learned and why they're such big believers in the platform. Full interview inside.

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WIIIS14132d ago

With a statements like these, you know every other proclamation from Sony is nothing but a big fat [email protected]($ing lie.

Vojkan4132d ago

Yeah, i guess PS1 and PS2 were "lies". Both sold over 100 million but hey, they ar liers...

WIIIS14132d ago

WE're talking about PSP here and we all know how successful that piece of junk is, but all you can do is hark back on Sony's historical success as if its a breach of your Sony contract for not doing so.

masterg4132d ago

Get over yourself.
Why do you call it a piece of junk. It's one of the best handheld consoles to date. And it is doing good these days.
The thing about Sony's console products is they never start of with a bang. The grow over time and with price cuts and great software they end on top.
That's the way it has been the last 10 years. And the future is looking the same.

Babylonian4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Compared to the DS it sold less units, but up until now the PSP sold (not shipped) 25 million units and still going strong, and with the price drop I reckon the units sold are now higher than this number. When they announce the PSP slim and games like GOW, FF Crisis Core and many more at E3, the sales will go up even more.

So who's lying here, I think it's you. It's even more ironic as your name is "BS3" which I asume stand for BullSh!t 3, a pun on the PS3. Are you so obsessed with Sony that you try to make everything negative about them?

Instead of having a name like "I love games" or something else you like, you have a name that trashtalks a console (and with that the company who makes it by reading your first comment) you hate (for what reason you hate them, I don't know). That's really sad.

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Babylonian4132d ago

Well it's great that they're learining from their mistakes and are trying to improve. I going to get a PSP really soon, but I'm waiting for the redesign.

"BIZ: I realize that Sony has not officially confirmed a redesign for the PSP, but given the history of redesigns with consoles and handhelds, whether it's the GBA and DS or the PS2, it would seem like a redesign is to be expected for the PSP eventually. Is that a safe assumption?

JK: Nothing we can really talk to you about today. The biggest thing for us since we launched in terms of how the product has evolved has been the firmware updates. That's been a particularly strong area for us. We've looked at the opportunities both here in North America as well as in Japan. We talk a lot with the product planning group and discuss opportunities that the market here is seeing and what ways we can expand the functional set of the PSP. That continues today and will continue throughout. PSP will never be a static product; it's a product that will continue to add some really robust features. We'll talk about some of it at E3 and some beyond that. There are some really exciting things coming for PSP."

Well this only means that they will announce the redesign at E3 I hope.

Vojkan4132d ago

That is 100% for sure. Why would they announce it now? That would be stupid! Everyone would be like"lets wait for redesigned PSP" and sales would slow down.

WIIIS14132d ago

Man, you've got a real virtue going for you there, waiting for PSP waiting for PS3. I'd love to say your patience will pay off, but frankly, it won't 'cos you're just waiting for the next promised "exciting thing" to wait for.

anh_duong4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

if 23 millions sold with no major hardware failure news is a piece of junk i don't know what you specify as not junk - the psp has only been a little over six months longer than the xbox 360. at the same point in it's life cycle the psp is actually more successful than the ps2. you might not like the ps3 (because you think it is overpriced and has few games) and i can understand that but you should really try the psp since i think it is an awesome piece of kit with one of the highest proportions of highly rated games of any gaming system. if you are a hardcore gamer then you should see the games the psp has when compared to the ds. the are some seriously good games for the psp and if you want portable fighting games, driving, flight simulators, fps or sports simulation there are really no other place to go other than the psp. the psp is so good i now no longer touch my ps2 - it's become my ps2 replacement even though it is only a portable.

sack4132d ago

Good to hear that the psp is doing good and with more game like GOW, it's time for the psp to shine!!!

MK_Red4132d ago

Glad to hear PSP is doing good and they still care for it. (Time to play some Crush on PSP)

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