PS3 Firmware 1.82 Coming Soon…

Playstaion Blog :

"Hey everyone, you told us you wanted to hear about updates a few days in advance, so here's a quick heads up that we have a PS3 firmware update in the works. Scheduled for release in the next few days, firmware 1.82 is an update that enables the playback of AVC High Profile (H.264/MPEG-4) files."

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Lord Anubis4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

That's strange, the PS3 already supports those codecs. I guess the keyword was "file".

Anywho, keep them coming.

I would love for SONY to add DIVX web player to the PS3's browser as well as the divx codec to the PS3. It would be heaven if they added the divx we player especially with stage6.

Omegasyde4133d ago

I'd like that and some Quicktime Player support. they should hold up on the releasing patches until the big one with XMB access during games.

Bathyj4133d ago

I would pay money for a DivX player to handle all my .avi's. Converting everything is taking a long time.

DrPirate4133d ago

I want to see a nice web browser (flash player included) update with that.

I don't want to have to download another large firmware file for 1 change.

Satanas4133d ago

All the AVC files I have are in Matroska file format, so for the time being I'll have to rely on Ubuntu and MPlayer to play those. (However this will remain inconvenient until Ubuntu adds support for the PS3's WiFi as YDL did.)

icdedppl4133d ago

yeah, but does this update maybe mean that we can now play mtk files w/o the need to re-encode? that would be so nice!

redmamoth4133d ago

.. It only takes about 5mins..

Premonition4133d ago

This blog has been a big feature and good help, cant wait to see more things come from it.

BitbyDeath4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Bit of RM/RMB support would be cool too

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The story is too old to be commented.