Confirmed: No install for God of War III (Mod Edit- Spoiler Troll is here, name is a spoiler avoid the comment section

PSUni: God of War III won't be utilising a PlayStation hard-drive install, despite using the complexity of a dual-layer Blu-ray disc. The last PS3 game to make use of the greater capacity 50GB Blu-ray was Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which not only required significant HDD space, but also made a new lengthy install after every one of the game's five acts. There will be no such suffering with Sony Santa Monica's God of War III.

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techie3557d ago

I don't :( Had to delete some demos for the Bayonetta install.

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pangitkqb3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Just goes to show the amount of time and polish they put into this game. It's one thing to get a game to run with a giant install for support. It's a whole other thing to get it to run well straight from a dual layered disk. Kudos to the devs for this one.

UnSelf3557d ago

in every GOW the title screen always showed Kratos face and then after u press start the game will begin from Kratos' face.

So can we safely assume that GOW 3 will start where the demo starts, considering it follows the same opening patter as the first 2 games?

danthegardner3557d ago

Nope, Kratos will start the game on Gaia. I have no idea what they will do with the title screen.

STONEY43557d ago

I'm happy about this, I only have about 3GB left lol.

AND DO NOT READ BELOW COMMENT #9. Comment 10 is a MAJOR spoiler for a certain game. From what I heard some guy was banned from for accidently putting a spoiler and got mad and has been going around spamming this spoiler on serveral forums and sites. And if you get a message from a guy name "Spoiler_man" on PSN, DO NOT READ IT. Delete the message.


Here is the title screen and how the game will begin:

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mal_tez923557d ago Show
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sonarus3557d ago

I have 160GB HDD and i have almost pretty much run out of room. Need to move all music and video to external HDD. No install is good news imo

Syronicus3556d ago

When a game looks this good and requires no instal it just proves that when other games of lesser quality require the install, it was a lazy dev that knows little about the power of the PS3. I am not saying the PS3 is god but it does not need the installs that so many third party devs seem to think it does.

orange-skittle3556d ago

That's why I hate the PS3's architecture. The installs are unbearable. I had to delete demo's and some saved files just PLAY(not save) GTA4. The system will not let you play a game w/o install space and that's what sucks. Poor design. They say it's to cut down on loading but that BS because there's no install on 360 and it plays the same way. Look at the chapter load screens on MGS4...they were horrendous. I fell asleep on a few of them.

deafwing3556d ago

... I might even install a new HD just for GOWIII. Okay maybe not; yet it's nice to see that we don't need to take anymore space .. question is ... will this decision affect playback?

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huflungpu903557d ago

Fail anyony that knows anything know there is no read speed dif for dual are single layer blu-ray disk unlike a dvd lol 360 really you should do research and quit looking for hit on your site

techie3557d ago

As far as I know, that's not true. The read time accross the disc does not change - it's stable, unlike DVDs - but the read and especially write times on a dual-layer Blu-ray is slower in the second layer than the first.

GiantEnemyCrab3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

You are right Deep.. Not to mention these games duplicate the data more than once on some of these Blu-rays in order to increase load times.

Does anyone know if GoW3 does it? Or do we have to wait for the pirates to rip this one as well and tell us?

I know many of these huge BR games actually come out to be much less when you remove all the replicated/padded data.

Al Bundy3557d ago

Bu, bu, bu all teh ps3 gamz reqire teh instalz!

It seems only some 3rd party games require installs. 1st party PS3 exclusives don't require installs.

Pennywise3557d ago

It all boils down to who has skills.... Seems that Sony 1st party devs have more skills than the rest of the industry.

andron3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

They stream data to the Hdd so you dont need to have an install. They were smart to make have Hdd as standard in all PS3's.

Sony should really make it available to 3rd part devs, so we could have smaller or fewer installs on their games too.

Homicide3557d ago

Kojima has no skills confirmed?

AridSpider3557d ago

Ehhh...Heavy Rain comes with a mandatory install...which is a 1st party pse exclusive. Sooo...what exactly are you trying to say? David Cage and Quantic Dream have no skills?

shadow27973557d ago

Heavy Rain is not a first party game...

fox023557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Infamous also had A 15 min mandatory install. I guess SuckerPunch has no skill right?

Young Capwn3557d ago

Hpefully everyone else learns from this game and it inspires more developers to do better.

fox023557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

you've not even played it yet. Take away all it's "bonus contents" (HD making-offs,trailers, uncompressed audio and the 20 freaking languages it has) and the game would fit on a CD.

_____________________________ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ______
(ok that CD part was a joke)

Young Capwn3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

18 hours of gameplay fool and best looking graphics this gen. And i have played the demo and it looks better than any 360 ive ever played. AND im not a fanboy check my gamertage in my profile.

I pity the fool that hates on GOW3 for he is a idiot, or just upset he cant afford a PS3


Suicide3557d ago

Wise comment, killing of a man.

Al Bundy3557d ago

Heavy Rain, MGS4, and Infamous are not first party games. All three companies are not owned by Sony and they can make games for the Xbox if they wanted to.

beardpapa3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Sucker Punch is first party? Really? No way! /s

Oh and Kojima has skills. It's Kojima-team that doesn't.

orange-skittle3556d ago

Totally true. Kojima(Metal Gear Rising) and Quantum Dream(Indigo Prophecy) have made games for the Xbox, so they are NOT first party PS3 companies. Sucker Punch is fairly new and after seeing how PS3 fans didn't support a stellar game like inFamous the way they should have...I wonder how long they will stay PS3 Only

Karum3556d ago

I'd say it's more to do with the tech behind the games, i.e. the engines. Most dev engines are designed as a multi plat engine where as first party PS3 exclusives are all on engines built solely for the PS3. It's pretty clear multi plat engines don't take full advantage of what the PS3 can do and only stands to reason that they sometimes need an install to run as best they can.

Rowsdower3556d ago

could we put the "bu bu bu" thing to bed its pretty f*cking annoying.

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mushroomwig3557d ago

40GB on the EU version of the disc without needing an install? Kudos to the devolopers.

techie3557d ago

5-8gb's of voice over.

heroicjanitor3557d ago

That means 8 languages require 5GB, meaning each language requires around 625MB. Since the American version takes up 35GB with only one language that means that around 34GB of the game is game data, since there is no cgi. Now THAT is impressive, and it also means that dvd could not come anywhere near this, much harder to compress game data without ruining it.

techie3557d ago

There's no CGI, but doesn't mean the in-engine cutscenes aren't recorded as FMVs - like Uncharted 1 and 2.

Plus there's 3 hours of bonus videos.

happy_gilmore3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

even the pc can't do that

before pc nerds come in whining, crysis looks good bu the art design is generic. yeah, it's a technical marvel but it looks dull.

Devil MAY KILL3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )





-MD-3557d ago

PS3 fanboys even call N4G "their" website, wow.