Playstation Home Beta Gets Huge Update

The Home Beta has received a decently sized update, its first since launch around two months ago. This update provides several graphical enhancements, mainly noticeable during bowling and pool. However, characters look better as well and have multiple new customization options (weight, crazy hair colors, more clothes). Also, a few new items are available in your HomeSpace.

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gunnerforlife4132d ago

finally its about time the start updating it.

kingofps34132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

1) Graphical enhancements.
2) Characters look better.
3) Multiple new customization options (weight, crazy hair colors, more clothes).
4) Characters can now run around Home after walking.
5) The Home Cinema has received several new trailers.
6) New streaming methods have been implemented for videos in public spaces.
7) Videos play more smoothly the closer one stands to them.
8) Anytime during and anywhere inside Home you can access your friends list.
9) In-game XMB access. (Whoa!!!)

This is simply great and all this for FREE!!!

Machety4132d ago

" RUN" thank god, we can move faster. All the videos I have watched about home so far have the avatar walking. If we can run now in home it will make it so much more interesting. Since Xbots think that XBL is the best online service, I wonder what they would say bout HOME. Can anyone tell me if we can compare XBox live to HOME, I just want to know.

Bleyd4132d ago

is if they added in a room that would transport you to a free mmorpg world where you take your avatar and fight monsters and do quests and such. It wouldn't have to be anything fancy. Just something to tool around with like something on the level of Maple Story but graphically better.

drtysouf214132d ago

features before its released which means it should run nice and smooth when it is.

Maddens Raiders4132d ago

I was part of it (Homebeta). It's scary how SNE is actually paying attention nowadays to the things their customers want and...and..delivering? Man, I hope this trend continues. Good job.

Amplifier4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Just makes you more excited to be an owner because that $600 investment is out of the way?

I firmly believe that Sony is going into E3 with the humbleness and apologetically style giving us a "what we(gamers) want presentation".


Crazyglues4132d ago

Because yes it will be sweet to see that $600 dollar investment pay-off.

but right as you said that it got me to thinking, you know what Sony could do to sell more units - offer exclusive stuff to the people who run out and buy a system before Christmas something special. Like releasing the home beta to everyone with a PS3 that bought it before Christmas who wants to check it out.

Or something like a MGS4 exclusive content package for people who bought early - or a GTAIV exclusive package. That would actually pick up the sales big time.

BitbyDeath4132d ago

I wonder if the addition of ingame xmb means we can play our own music while in the home universe...

Premonition4132d ago

Why? if you can already play music to anyone from inside home, sony has said that the feature is built into the PS3 already, its up to the devs to use this feature.

BitbyDeath4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

well not so much for home i guess, but if it works in home then it should mean that it'll work in any game we choose to play... once it arrives there of course

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The story is too old to be commented.