GTA IV: Yahoo Games Preview

Rockstar has slowly leaked details of their massive new game. For a major publisher, Rockstar has become famously reclusive. The company doesn't hold press events like most other game publishers, and never sends out advance or preview builds of games in the GTA franchise. Instead, they choose to leak details a little bit at a time to various outlets. That makes knowing every possible detail about the game difficult without constantly scanning the web.

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Kokoro4132d ago

Yahoo is gonna be shut down on friday. Such a tease.

MK_Red4132d ago

Agreed. Yahoo is looking for trouble. A crash like the one for original GTA4 trailer is really likely. Poor Yahoo. But that will bring Yahoo Games to attention of lots and lots of gamers.

PSTripleOG4132d ago

No words, just play, Nuff said.

Hydrolex4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

On page 2 on the bottom
Yahoo says:
Want more GTA details? Check back with Yahoo! Games on June 27 for an exclusive interview with Rockstar VP of creative, Dan Houser.

It was June 28 now 27 ? tomorrow ?