What happen to the old G4TV?

G4TV use to be more about games, but G4TV meets it's same fate like MTV did with music. Ninety percent of the time you turn the channel to G4TV, people will see Cops, Star Trek, The Man Show, Street Fury, and all these other shows that has nothing to do about games. Now there are only a few shows that's relevant to games.

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tethered4133d ago

Whats with the whole "Nuff said!!!!" BS?
I am seeing this more and more on this site.

If you type "Nuff said!!!!", I would think you wouldn't type anything else about the topic.

Yet, I see you typed more just a little time later.
I thought you said "Nuff said!!!!"

To me that means you are done and you made your point.
Why are you still typing?

How annoying!

Now, if I were to type "Nuff said!!!!" here you wouldn't expect to see me again.

That would be why I never type "Nuff said!!!!"


ben hates you4134d ago

a FEW! try 1 1/2, x-play is still good and attack of the show is sometimes talking celeb crap, and what happened to cheat, electronic playground, game makers, even arena, i used to set my dvr to record near everything, with the show cops, it makes me the think of FOX, xplay is all i can stand anymore

Legionaire20054134d ago

I think there should be a online petition to remake G4TV into the ultimate channel truly for games starting with that show called Game Heads!!!! Hopefully.

VaeVictus4133d ago

Xplay is terrible. AoTS can be midly..mildly entertaining. The channel went waaaay down the crapper after the merger of Tech Tv and G4. Judgement day was > all of the other shows on there. NOw it is just a wasteland of programming. It's sad really, Tech TV was so good.

Omegasyde4133d ago

G4 Tv is the new TNN. It went from Geek TV to Man TV. Can't Say I like it either but networks live off ratings. Even though all of us at N4g are gamers, the mass majority aren't and strictly gaming TV doesn't pay bills. Some network should try again. A gaming conglomeration of major publishers (1up, Gamepro, Gamespot, etc) should come together and start from scratch.

Kokoro4133d ago

Is at least the best version. we get Electric Playground, The LAb, and reviews on the run, which are the best on the channel. G4 has turned into a SpikeTV wannabe. I get that gamers love women. But to rely on women to make a show worthwhile to watch, is downgrading. The only time they show they are about gaming is at E3. And frankly they are the best at it.

progx4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Who the f*ck wants to watch game related sh*t 24/7 not me. Where else can you watch awesome shows all on the same channel? Nowhere, thats where. Unless you like channel surfing?...cops, the man show, star trek, aots=good tv

EDIT: douchebag below me, wtf is your problem? I must be a dumb redneck because I like star trek and cops? F*ck off. And for the record, no I don't believe in myspace bulletin spam. But I bet your the f*g who sends that sh*t.

CrizzleC244133d ago

If you like watching shows like cops, street fury, man show and star trek than maybe you should move to Kansas in the year 1997, wear plaid jackets ,drink bud light in a trailer house while listening to Ace of Base and Eminem.

God what a sell-out. You'll believe anything! "George Bush says we'll die if we don't vote for him!" "Tom will delete your myspace if you dont repost this bulletin (chain letter)"

The entire channel sucks! Even X-play has gone into carlos mencia style fart jokes and non-stop annoyance. The whole country (U.S.)is either pretending to be retarted or is on the edge of being retarded.

And finally the only thing I hate more than Fox News, the new G4, and the new President, is any rap after 2002 when it started getting to lame and gimmicky names like 50 cent,young buck,daddy yankee,bow wow. God. Rap is lame now it used to be cool. Stop pretending your all ghetto.

So in closing ( I know you've been waiting to see the end of this )

Either make it 24/7 games and call it G4 or Tech Tv

or take out X-play, put in some spike lee movies and CSI repeats and call it "Spike TV 2"

Well im too pissed off about how right I am so im just gonna punch some babies and club some seals.

Wolfgang1874133d ago

An experiment to see how to properly destroy a great network (TechTV)

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