Eurogamer: Dragon Age: Origins - Return to Ostagar Review

Eurogamer writes: "Both gamers and industry alike are still fumbling around, circling each other, trying to figure out how the whole downloadable content situation should work. What's a reasonable price? How much should it add to the game? Shouldn't this content be in the game already? Or is it material that would otherwise never have seen the light of day?

It's unlikely that Return to Ostagar, the latest squirt from BioWare's busy digital udder, will offer any satisfying answers to these burning questions. It's a thin, forgettable little thing, cheap in price yet offering little more than 30 minutes of one-note gameplay for your virtual money. What you're really doing is forking out for another stat-boosting set of matching armour pieces and some rather tasty weaponry, dressed up in a rather half-baked narrative shell."

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