Xbox360 fastest selling console ever.

Full Fiscal Year
Home and Entertainment revenue increased primarily due to the launch of the Xbox 360 console partially offset by a decline in first party Xbox game sales primarily resulting from the significant impact of Halo2 in fiscal year 2005. We sold approximately 5 million Xbox 360 consoles during the fiscal year. The revenue growth was also attributed to $140 million or 15% growth from our other product lines, primarily as a result of an increase in PC games sales due to significant new game releases, especially "Age of Empires III", and an increase in MSTV revenue due to deployments in fiscal year 2006.

5 million sold by the end of june incredible job Microsoft. The number to beat was 4.75 Million and Microsoft accomplished it.

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Jay da 2KBalla5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

So now what were the sony fanboys saying about microsoft reaching 5 million by the end of june? I recall gametime, achira and several others arguing with me about whether or not microsoft would actually sell 5 million by the end of june. lmao Man I luv being right and making sony fanboys look stupid. O and thanx unknown for da info.


shoota335405d ago

I said MS is never going to reach their dream of selling 10 million units by ps3's launch which they wont.ps1=ps2= 203 million units sold
xbox 1.0 = xbox 1.5 = 29 million units sold.

Jay da 2KBalla5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

wat you said was microsoft will be lucky to have 3 million by the end of june and I told you that you were incorrect but you denied it and called me names and now you look like an ass.

Cyclonus5405d ago

The king is dead(Playstation). Long live the king(Xbox)!

shoota335405d ago

OMG!! MS has shipped 5 million units now sony is really dead.xbots grow up when ps3 launches xbox 1.5 will be overshadowed and a thing of the past.

pRo loGic II5405d ago

Just wait til this Christmas when all the games start rolling in. Microsoft had better hope they produced enough 360's. The sells will pick up after summer is over and Saint Row and 99 nights hit the scene and after that, theres no stopping the 360. And with live so popular the camera will help to. HD-DVD add-ons will help big time with it being cheap and people hearing Blu-ray being inferior. These guy's are professonal bussiness men and deal with technoligies that run the planet. It's not like their some company selling toasters and grills and TV's and such. lol

shoota335405d ago

Keep dreaming xbot because they will not come true no matter how much you want it to.

THAMMER15404d ago

The price of the PS3 is going to drive people to the 360. So if you belive a console that cost $600.00 and can't even perform like its $400.00 compatition you need to go jump off a clif now! Becuase when I think about the PS3 I think off how it would feel to break my neck the day before I play in the Super bowl. The damn thing is a train wreck. So get over it gametime you Fannut. You ahould get a 360 too and saver yourself the dissapoinment of Nov. 17. 2006. When your standing in line for A PS3 I will be at home playing Gears online with my 70 inch HD projector. S have fun getting owned sucka.

pRo loGic II5405d ago

360 will be the new PS2 this generation but more powerful as a well rounded power house. PS3's like a car with a higher top speed, while 360 has the hourse, handling ect, and the road of the industry is very whindy. And that's if Sony can pull it of and stop downgrading the console. Hope their telling the truth to you Sony fans. And if MS comes out with even other statements and info and it's not conmfermed from other sources you can count on them for the truth because the world is watching.

Jay da 2KBalla5405d ago

It looks like he's going to cry and he's throwing temper tantrums.

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