R 18+ Discussion Paper Submissions End February 28 for Australia

AusGamers is reminding all Australian gamers there's only one week left to have your voice heard in the debate over whether or not to introduce an R 18+ rating for videogames in Australia and have put together a small feature outlining the topic along with a neat visual aid.

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saint_john_paul_ii3788d ago

you Australian gamers better do your part, cause if not, you guys are gonna be playing My Little Pony for eternity, LOLOLOLOLOL

billythepunk3788d ago

it's a super important topic, My Little Pony just adds more fear :P

Dutch Boogie3788d ago

Wow i'll be damned if i play My Little Pony for eternity. I'm doing my part as an Australian Gamer to educate the government on violent video games.

Games like GOW3 and Dead Space should be played by mature gamers.

kraze073788d ago

Screw censorship of any kind.