Ken Levine: Irrational Games showing no product at PAX East

The studio formerly known as 2K Boston will not be showing off any product at the upcoming PAX East convention, according to co-founder and creative director Ken Levine.

During an interview with GamerNode at Vassar College, Levine's alma mater, the Irrational Games head informed the site that while they will be present in full at the show in the studio's home town, they will be keeping their upcoming projects under wraps.

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ihaten4glol3789d ago

Aw, that's unfortunate. I'll actually be there, too. /sigh

italianbreadman3789d ago


I need more Irrational-ness!

TheIneffableBob3789d ago

Well, not many major new games are unveiled at PAX.

OpiZA3789d ago

Can't wait to see what this man has up his sleeves. I wonder if he's as disappointed in Bioshock 2 as I am.

Lucreto3789d ago

I loved Bioshock 2 one of the best games I bought this year. I am playing online while I play the single player a third time.

italianbreadman3788d ago

I can't say I'm totally disappointed with Bioshock 2, but I WOULD like to see what Mr Levine & co. would have done with it.

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