Top 10 most Cinematic Moments in gaming

GameSpy has posted videos of what they believe are the top 10 most cinematic moments in gaming history.

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STICKzophrenic4133d ago

I'm biased, but I thought the cinematic scenes in Gears of War were phenomenal. I'm still in awe everytime I play through and watch them. I can't say if or where they belong on that list because I haven't played any of those games.

the_round_peg4132d ago

The top 10 scenes are available for viewing. You can tell if they are supposedly "cinematic" by just watching them.

STICKzophrenic4132d ago

I don't really feel like watching those videos :-\

the_round_peg4132d ago

then games are just not cinematic at all.

Rhezin4132d ago

BULLSH!t look up the Onimusha 3 into trailer and you'll see why it should be #1 most bada$$ cinematic ever!

The360WiiPS34132d ago

One of my favorite cinematics to this day will always be one of the bonus endings in Final Fantasy X-2. The bonud ending where "Tidus & Yuna" are reuniting & Tidus comes back to the real world. That cinematic has some AMAZING graphics even to this day. Another one of my all time favorite endings is the Dark Side ending to Knights Of The Old Republic when we see the Star Forge in Space with a bunch of ships right next to it, & in front of it, & behind it.

WafflesID4132d ago

sheeeit. You could seriously fill this entire list with scenes from any of the final fantasy series.

How FF7 didn't make #1 is beyond me. NO game has had the same impact as the death of aerith.

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The story is too old to be commented.