GTA: Crescent City--Why the Next GTA Should Be in New Orleans

Rodayna of Planet GTA explores the potential of a GTA title set in New Orleans.

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dktxx23783d ago

Horrible state, horrible city. I'd enjoy a virtual crime spree through there.

Model3783d ago

Mardi Gras rampage anyone ?

RememberThe3573783d ago

Looks like we have some Colts fans on this site. Too bad!

Rainstorm813783d ago

Last time they did a city with a huge ethnic population, It was the best GTA of the series (San Andreas).

Sounds good to me.

and to think i people used to argue with me about which is the better game GTA:SA or Saints Row 1 lol.

ReservoirDog3163783d ago

It's pretty obvious to anyone who's played some of The Ballad of Gay Tony that the next GTA is probably gonna be in London. It hints at trouble in London often.

So, no. I doubt that.

ThanatosDMC3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Bewb city during Mardi Gras. Though there are a line of cops right under the porches. It's funny that those girls can show their bewbs but if they show their c***s cops arrest them.

A Cupcake for Gabe3783d ago

I was hoping for something more like Detroit in the winter time. Lots of crime, snow, dirt, and Arabs.

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unchartedgoty3783d ago

this is just sick of someone to say otherwise. i think gta shouldent base a game on new orleans because its going through alot of trauma right now, i believe las vegas or new york would suit it better.

SonySoldierEternaL3783d ago

Hurricane Katrina was 4.5 years ago

get over it

ScubaSteve13783d ago

facepalm really we just had a game in new york

BrokenAnarchy3783d ago

Im from New Orleans and I'm tired of hearing about Katrina, I agree get over it.

starcb263782d ago

trauma? they just won the super bowl a few weeks ago

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George Sears3783d ago

Either ATL or Las Vegas would be good. Even though I was born in NYC, I'm tired seeing it allways on the forefront of GTA games (even movies for the matter)

If it's in ATL, then the dude should be black. If in Sin City, Native American would be something fresh, that or a Hispanic protagonist.

Bnet3433783d ago

Does it really matter what the guys race is? No wonder racism will never end. People like you keep bringing it up.

Kevin McCallister3783d ago

The Main character is clearly going to be Drew Brees.

Bilbo653783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

"No wonder racism will never end. People like you keep bringing it up."

Right back at ya, he didn't say anything racist and if you think its offensive to talk about Native Americans, Hispanics, Blacks etc your overly sensitive and only contributing to separation. There is diversity and there's no problem in bringing that up.

George Sears3783d ago

Pretty sure that people like you that use the racism card out of something totally not racist at all is that does not let it end. It's obvious that race is important in GTA games in order to maintain a suitable and new/fresh story. Just as important as the location. Don't be so sensitive. I'm Puertorican, I've heard/seen the ignorance of people enough in my life living in NYC towards us Hispanics and blacks to not make me care anymore.

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swiftshot933783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Maybe something outside the US would be interesting.

Megaton3783d ago

Yeah, I'm tired of American cities for GTA. I want one somewhere in Asia, or maybe even just a new one in London.

RememberThe3573783d ago

But I'm bias since I live here :)

I'd love to see GTA in New Orleans, but I really want them to go back to San Andreas.

Erotic Sheep3783d ago

Oh hell no, not London! I can't be arsed calling Roman to drink tea and eat crumpets. And imagine the chaos for gamers who are forced to drive on the left side of the road lol XD

Raf1k13782d ago

Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Rome would all be good.

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-EvoAnubis-3783d ago

I think this is a damned good idea!! It'd be something that R* hasn't done yet, and it could be very good.

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