Halo Gamers Officially Can't Distinguish Between Alpha, Beta Or Gold

Cinemablend says "We conducted a poll here at Blend Games to see if gamers could tell the difference between late alpha (pre-beta) shots of Halo 3 and gold shots of Halo 3. It's probably not surprising that the results prove that gamers honestly can't tell the difference between the various stages of development for the game..."

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LordMarius3785d ago

So I guess we can blow the whole
"OMG I cant believe it looks this good and its still in Alpha-stage yatta yatta"

cyguration3785d ago

the fanboys will be pleased.

Paradicia3785d ago

"Bungie should just abandon the whole graphics revolution thing because it’s going to hurt a heck of a lot more in the long run when games like Brink, Spec Ops: The Line and Medal of Honor roll around and make Halo: Reach look like a visual after thought."

Saying that Reach looks like a visual after thought is just downright ignorant. Its funny that he labels the people who took his comparison Halo gamers. Anyone could of took his poll. There was even a comparison of the alpha and gold versions of killzone 2 in his past article he refers back to in the text.

Pathetic journalism at its finest people.

Immortal3213785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

it's not on a system where the graphic are ahead of it's time.

halo gamer old saying, "Gameplay over Graphics."

after reading the "pictures"....

Im sure damage control for this game will come on N4G soon.

I can't believe this game been in development since halo3! Not even the halo gamers can tell the difference between alpha and gold.

-EvoAnubis-3785d ago

While I don't think that calling it a 'visual afterthought' is fair, unless Bungie is making a new engine for this game I can't see it comparing on a graphical level to most games that will launch around the same time.

Will the game be fun? No doubt; Bungie makes good games, and their games aren't really about graphics much at all. It'll be fun, and have a multi-player that will far outlast anything else in the foreseeable future.

ryuzu3785d ago

Seems strange since about 6 months ago, this site was one of the biggest 360 cheer leaders around. Maybe he got a PS3 for Christmas :)

Anyways, the reality is that released shots of games whether it be Alpha, Beta, Gold, Demo blah blah, rarely change in any significant way for release. The simple reason is that it takes a long time to get the artefacts ready - the textures, the light sources, the animations etc etc. If you are going to make a significant order of magnitude graphical change, all those artefacts have to be reworked - and that can take months and even years.

Once you have your models, textures, maps in place, there isn't much more that can change. Yes you might get a bit of extra dynamic lighting fidelity, or some other full scene graphical effect - but the underlying textures, animations, models are fixed and its those things that make the big difference to your visuals (unless they do a Splinter Cell and start again!).


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Beefstew4u3785d ago

I think you're missing the point of the article

MajesticBeast3785d ago

Sadly the gameplay also isn't much just like the graphics.

GreenRingOfLife3785d ago

They are comparing Halo 3's development to Halo Reach. bad article

Immortal3213785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I can't believe you said that.

I predict a lot of disagrees on your comment.


umm? you deserve a sticker.

we won3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Ok this PS3 fanboy damage control and desperation is getting out of hand now. Halo Reach is not Halo 3. The the Year of the 360 is going to be one filled with rabid PS3 fanboys causing chaos in gaming and man child articles bashing the 360 will be more common than actual PS3 news.

This article/poll is an excuse to do damage control because of Halo, a stealth attack due to fear of the game, trying to set the tone and popular opinion of the game before it comes out.

Sitdown3785d ago

let me get this straight. Just because random people can not notice the difference between alpha, beta and gold for Halo 3, we are to assume that we should not expect much from the final graphic version of Reach, even though most believe Reach is already beyond Halo 3...and are pleased? to share the photos? Its easy to search for the perfect screen shots to skew the data to report in the manner you would like. Ex..get the very best shot from the alpha, beta and the worse of the gold..and of course, people might have a hard time.

Cold 20003785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Cant wait for Halo Reach.

Wouldnt want to be on the other side of the fence i.e on N4G when the beast is released ^^

Local multiplayer with my brothers is what I'm looking forward to the most.

@below: I am really far from being a Halo fan, I'm not even that familiar with the story and FPS is the genre I play the least but after seeing the vidoc this is a day one buy for me.

UnwanteDreamz3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Halo is a great game but its release only matters to fans. Halo Reach is getting lots of attention from the press and I am sure it is deserving but to think this game will shut anyone up is naive to say the least. Those who give a d*mn probably already have it preordered and those who don't care never will.

I am not a Halo fanboy but I know a good game when I see one and Reach looks like it is gonna be great.

EDIT: I wasn't saying you had to be a fan to buy it but that you had to be a fan to care. If you don't like Halo its release is just another day to you.

ProjectVulcan3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Rather silly article trying to associate halo 3, reach and its pre alpha to final, BUT as an aside quite a lot of games' engines are 'fixed' or 'set' relatively early in development after some design parameters have been agreed, so everything done after that point wont 'break' the game as badly- its unlikely reach will get much more than visual tweaks but then what else is new? Few games really change hugely with regards to graphics with only six months or so to release- otherwise all those early official shots wouldnt remotely resemble the finished product lol.

This is why every developer bangs on about 'polishing' as the latter stages. They are just going to try and squash as many bugs as possible, balance and ensure stability of the final code. At the point of a couple months left, no developer is still looking at fiddling with the underlying engine, beyond maybe visual artifacts or colour filters and whatnot.

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iceice1233785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Just wondering how this makes you feel.

God of War 3 near final build:

Halo: Reach PRE ALPHA:

Pre Alpha Halo: Reach looks like a beautiful piece of concept art. But it's not, that's an in game screenshot. The God of War 3 shot? That's a shot from January, near final build. Pretty disappointing for the PS3's biggest game. What's up with the low resolution blurry grass, lol?

JonnyBadfinger3785d ago

lol i too am interested to see how Saaking will spin those screen shots.

It impossible to compare to the production process of 2 games. Every Bungie game has had a different Project Leader, so the build process would vary from leader to leader.

And not to mention Bungie Studios has grown alot in size since Halo 3, so more people working on something means things can be improved alot quicker than they once could.

Sorry PS3 fanboys, but i have already pre-ordered my copy of Halo Reach... i win, you ruse!

SilentNegotiator3785d ago

Halo Gamers have never been a tech-savvy group.

And before they all say "Gameplay over graphics", I am going to say that there is no reason we shouldn't be given both, unlike with the last 2 installments. And with the main things we've seen being tiny hillside maps, there's no excuse for them to not go native 720p. And AA would be nice, too.

Noob3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

How do you call that disappointing? Do you not see that enormous monster in the back? The scale of GOWIII is HUGE. You'd have to be a hater to call that disappointing or worse looking than Halo. There's nothing in that boring screen shot of Halo that holds a candle to what's going on in that GOW pic. There's nothing special about it at all as a matter of fact. I have seen too many game images from consoles that I could post that put it to shame. You're better off sticking with the "at least the gameplay is better" argument, which is subjective

Hold on a second...are you being sarcastic?

wicko3785d ago

Hi I'm icewake, and I'm going to pick the best halo reach screenshot I can find, and the worst GOW3 screenshot I can find. It's proof that Reach graphics > GoW3 graphics!!!!

Seriously, this is your argument?

SixZeroFour3785d ago

my first question is "how many ppl took this poll? in relation to the 800k that play it everyday or even the 10+mil that have/had a copy" took a quick read and didnt exactly see any numbers relating to that

2nd question "how was this poll moderated so that only halo players took the poll?" or even "how was this moderated so that only ppl with xboxes, multiconsole owners or not, took the poll?"

once i see these answers, then ill come up with my own perception of whether or not HALO gamers can tell the difference

pixelsword3784d ago

...I'm not really caring if anyone can tell the difference, as long as the finished product looks good.

SPACEBALL 13784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

this reminds me of all the morons tellin us mag would be dramatically better than the beta. how did that work? it still the same game as the first wave of the beta and its just straight up a sh1tty game.

The Lazy One3784d ago

I'm pretty sure that someone pointed out that he didn't actually use any alpha shots in their comparison when the original article was posted.

Nevers3784d ago

how this drivel gets approval... total hack "journalism" ... nevermind... it fits... Hack Journalism for a Hack Journalism Site.


creatchee3784d ago

Graphics really shouldn't change from Alpha to Gold, as the models, textures, and such are part of the base of the game (unless there are specific changes that need to be made).

The fluidity of the animations, the framerate, the screen not tearing - those are the big improvements that you see by the time you get to Gold. There are others of course, but "better graphics" typically isn't one.

And you certainly won't see major differences if you compare still pictures. It's more of an "in-motion" kind of thing.

2cents3784d ago

"So more than anything, especially at this stage in the development game, Bungie should just abandon the whole graphics revolution thing because it’s going to hurt a heck of a lot more in the long run when games like Brink, Spec Ops: The Line and Medal of Honor roll around and make Halo: Reach look like a visual after thought."

??? wtf

The only people its gonna hurt are haters. Everyone else who will be playing it will be seeing a lot more depth to this 'visual after thought'.

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MetalGearRising3785d ago

Yes we understand u hate Halo Reach....... what's this the Fifth Article about Halo Reach from this Pathetic Butt Hurt Fan Retard.

Anorexorcist3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

The only pathetic butt hurt fan retard I see in here (and in EVERY DAMN PS3-related article) is you!

Yeah it hurts, but you know you like it!

GiantEnemyCrab3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Yes, we get it you don't like Reach and you seem to not like the 360 or MS much either.

Wow, so your silly little poll on your unpopular website is now official evidence that Halo gamers can't distinguish between alpha, beta or gold. You should start running election polls since you seem to capture the majority on your gaming site.. LMAO

What a desperate attempt at disparaging gamers.. Because that is who took your poll, not necessarily HALO gamers and you can't prove one way or another.

(not meant to be a reply sorry)

Bungie3785d ago

more damage control

wow Reach is really scaring teh droids

i still think ps3 is great to watch movies

MAG_SVER3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I THINK THE xboxpleasefixme is a good Heater for my gets really hot & then RROD.. or maybe in the summer I can use it as a Fan, considering the damn this is louder than my vacuum..there FIX !!!

Xbox-gamertag: maytr1x ..the truth hurts sorry but that piece of crap is a GIMMICK.

Ps3-Id: maytryx... " It Only Does Everything" except multiple disk for 1 game..SONY 4 DA WIN.. BY DA GODS.....dun dun dunnnnn KRATOS

OOOOHHH yeah Madison is Hot in Heavy Rain, maybe she can be your girlfriend & u can finally get a life from this site & laid .. VIRTUALLY !!!

Nitrowolf23785d ago

lol come on reach is doing damage to us droids?
no, i will be honest its a great looking game and i am actually excited for it(havn't been since halo 2), but come on compare it other ps3 exclusive it isn't that pretty. Like i said i am actually a looking forward to this halo game because it is a jump from the previouse one.

ssipmraw3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

atleast we can watch hd movies on bluray on our system along side dvds without having to worry about our system exploding

cant say the same for your system

as for damage control why is it that 2 360 fanboys were the first to post here?

cereal_killa3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Because they are the same person.

Bungie = PP/MetalgearMuppet/Greenringof life/PS3hasonlyflopgames.And I'm sure he has more pathetic little Muppet.

Hahaha Disagree all you want bungie you know it's true.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3785d ago

I played Heavy Rain the other day on my 360 :) seriously I started a movie and used the controller buttons to stop, pause, rewind, and fast forward the movie... just like Heavy Rain.

Ilikegames763784d ago

can't distinguish. Right from wrong, reliable from unreliable, great games from stupid games to name a few.

TengkuAmir103784d ago

Using two account to comment on one article isn't funny anymore.

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Software_Lover3785d ago

The point in bringing up a nearly 3 year old game? And people wonder why Halo is so popular. People just cant stop talking about it whether it is good or bad. I dont really play Halo but I find it funny none-the-less.

And then the demeaning way in which they are implying that "Halo Players" are dumb somehow. I know it doesn't just come out and say that. But thats what the title implies without reading the article.

Tricksy3784d ago

No offence.. but Halo players:

Play an FPS.
Own an Xbox 360.
Pay to play online.
Believe a halo game will have graphics worth talking about in comparison to other games in 2010.

So yah, I think d**B is apt... but thats just me.

From personal experience-

There is a Halo player at my work.There are in fact many, however I will talk about the one I know personally. Why do I call him a Halo player you ask? Why not a person,co-worker or human being? Good question.

Like many Halo players he talks incessantly about his hobbies; Halo, the 360 and guns. In his training class( I was lucky enough to be in an earlier class) he was sad enough to have been designated "Halo" by the class. To make matters worse Halo has continued to be an incessant FPS/Halo/306 and of course gun fanboy to the embarresment, I would think, of any rational 360 user(if they exist). The worst is his constant tie-in and transitioning statements from his Halo/360 talk to his time in the reserves and his arms training. Which I see as telling of his thought process and mind set.

Judging from the others in my workplace who are fans of the game/genre/360/guns this Halo personality and corelating intelligence level is very telling of the majority of Halo players I would think, and many 360 players as well.

Halo is currently playing MW2... no surprise there.