Gamer Limit iPhone Review: Plants vs. Zombies

Sean Carey writes, "If there's one genre that is over-represented on the iPhone, it has got to be tower defense. With a minimal investment of money and people power, you can push a serviceable game out to the market in a short period of time. With a few exceptions (the excellent GeoDefense comes to mind), the platform is saturated with mediocre clones of clones of clones of TD standards.

It's no secret that the Gamer Limit crew went a bit ga-ga over the PC release of Plants Vs. Zombies; it came in runner up to Torchlight for best PC game in our 2009 Game of the Year Awards. With the transition to the iPhone, PopCap faced the twin challenges of recreating the original PvZ magic with a new control scheme/hardware and standing out amidst the shambling horde of tower defense offerings already available. Read on for the official Gamer Limit verdict!"

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Jorrel563793d ago

Sweet. Glad to see its a good port. Something that might finally replace Peggle on my iPhone :)

Yuenanimous3793d ago

If only I could get this on my Droid Eris...

kauza3793d ago

I hear that! I'm still waiting for this huge games push that is supposed to happen on Android. Would love to have this on there!

overlordror3793d ago

It's coming! Patience is a virtue.

themizarkshow3792d ago

How about some webOS action!? There are some big publishers making a push on the Pre lately, but I need more. What else am I supposed to do at work? Or while waiting to checkout?

markfrost3793d ago

Hello, we are about to launch an all-out attack on your houze.


the Zombies

I LOL'd. I really want to give this a try, but without any sort of trial/demo it's hard to drive me to buy an iPhone game (even with tons of good reviews and a $3 price tag).

overlordror3792d ago

The basic gameplay is the same as plants vs. zombies on the PC, so try it out there to see if you like it. If you do, you'll probably like it on the iPhone as well.

TheDarkCynic3792d ago

One of the more fun/adorable/charming/infuriat ing games I've played in a long while. Excellent review btw, you hit on all the right aspects of this stand-out title.

thedoctor3792d ago

Looks like a must-play.

psiom3792d ago

One of the next games I make for the iPhone will be a TD game. The over-saturation kinda worries me but I'm pretty sure I have enough ideas to stop it from being another samey clone.

Great to see they pulled this one off well. Been meaning to check it out on PC but would much rather play it on the go.

TheDarkCynic3792d ago

You're making your own TD game? Keep everyone here posted on its progress!

psiom3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Well you know how hype goes... No reason to get excited unless all the ideas actually work in the execution :)

It definitely won't be on rails, and it definitely won't be another cookie cutter TD. Hopefully I can make it good.

I work alone too so it could take a year or more to actually get it done, plus I'm finishing a different game first (nearly done).

TheDarkCynic3792d ago

Well def let us know when the current one is finished! I'm heading to Full Sail this summer to go for a Game Art degree, so any indie projects immediately interest me.

psiom3792d ago

Will do.

N4G submissions for iPhone seem to be restricted to high profile developers and submissions from the bigger review sites, but I'll try to figure out some way of doing a shout-out.

El_Colombiano3792d ago

I hear Full Sail is not nationally accredited

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