Mass Effect for August becomes doubtful

The biggest UK games retailer GAME have updated their listing for Mass Effect and have changed it to January 2008. They sent an email round to all those who have the game on pre-order letting everyone know the changes to the game that was expected in two months time. Are they out of their minds, or closer to the truth than we may think?

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Rhezin5580d ago

2008?!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT FOR US??? they must b craazy!

ud5580d ago

zomg waitbox 360!!!1!1111! j/k =)

SF49er4085580d ago

spread the love around the year, make the game better. but yea give it to me now. game of the year 4 sure

ImWithStupid5580d ago

all those 360diots to shut their mouth when a game gets pushed back for the PS3, apparently the wonder box has more than it's share of development hurdles too.

OC_MurphysLaw5580d ago

First off...nothing has been confirmed. So I take this news with a grain of salt. And as for push back of a title...its not a rare thing to happen. The PS3 has seen more than its fair share of push backs which has many it really difficult or is it due to the lower install base those titles (for now) have been taking the back seat in terms of development resources. I personally am thinking the later is the biggest culprit of delays these days for the PS3.

AngryTypingGuy5580d ago

Or maybe it's a huge game that's poised to be an AAA title, and they want it to be perfect for release. One of the things that developers love most about the 360 is that it is very similar to a PC and easy to develop for.

ZeroAlarm5580d ago

For God's sake, just give us (UK) the U.S. version - we speak the same language! I don't want to wait 2 months extra just because I'm from the same continent as some Frenchies who need the game translating for them!
Also, I hate the way the UK is tagged onto the EU. We're not even in the bloody European Union for gods sake!
Tally-ho and toodle-pipsy!

Why o why5580d ago

looking forward to this game. Reminds me of some film that everybody has seen but cant quite remember the name

PS360PCROCKS5580d ago

"Tally-ho and toodle-pipsy!" Um...?lol

BrotherSic5580d ago

"We're not even in the bloody European Union for gods sake!"

what were you thinking when you wrote this? The UK joined in 1973 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.