2010 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to Feb 13th

How are the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 performing against themselves and each other when compared to previous years?

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Rainstorm813791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

None of these numbers will matter until all three consoles have been replaced, and this gen is over.

Then we will have the clearest picture of who did what, because if anyone says that they knew the PS3 or the xbox360 or the wii wouldve.......

Oh wait this is VG Chartz......Move along no accurate news to see here

Bungie3791d ago

wow the 360 sold a lot

I'm shocked !!!

zeeshan3791d ago


The owner of VG Charts is a loser 360 fanboy. They'll keep manipulating the numbers and we'll keep ignoring them.

LostDjinn3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

VGChartz credibility = Bungie's credibility = Fail.
It doesn't stop them attempting to pass off BS as fact though.
Thanks for the laughs.

madmonkey03791d ago

can someone just IP ban bungie, so him and his 22 other acounts can never post here again.

Zedux3791d ago

man don't you guys get fed up of pretending to be something you guys are NOT??? Keep your BS inside your dog yard and get away from here!

Anon19743790d ago

PS3 numbers are off almost 2 million based on Sony's official numbers, and that was based on figures from 2 months ago.

Wasn't there a time when VGchartz adjusted their numbers when the official data became available? What's happened here?

Foxgod3790d ago

The numbers are correct.
Vgchartz reports sold units.
The numbers that MS and Sony released last month where Shipped numbers, this was confirmed in numerous articles.

Young Capwn3790d ago

Ohh my it seems the robot devil must be running VG charts..

Syronicus3790d ago

How is it that they stay in business? I'm not a fan of the NPD but at least they seem to be more accurate than this VG company.

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madmonkey03791d ago

VG charts numbers are well off right now, all 3 companies announced there real numbers as of the end of 09 last month, i dont remember the wii or xbox360 ones, but i remember the ps3 one was over 2 million more than VGcharts have listed.

Parapraxis3790d ago

Why isn't VGC blacklisted yet?

MetalGearRising3790d ago

xbox360 is dominating ps3 it's as if ps3 doesn't exist........Hold on ps3 is non existence so what am i on about silly me.

ps3 has no games.

Rockstar3790d ago

At least you're in the right zone.

awesomeperson3790d ago

Did you read th article? PS3 2010- 1,745, 069
360- 1,282,056

How is that dominating and secondly, if the PS3 is non existent, then what is the 360.

TengkuAmir103790d ago

PS3 sucks that's true. It only has Blu-Ray, universal HDD, controller that recharge through USB, better games, graphical monster, free PSN, WIFI, No multiple discs, less than 1% failures in 4 years! Yup, PS3 sucks. Xbox 360 still has the advantage. Xbox 360 FTW!


3790d ago
Dev8 ing3789d ago

What are you playing right now? 360 has no games. You get one game (ME2) in a year and a half since the last "good" (gears 2) game and all of a sudden you think 360 has games. It will be another 6 months before the next good game (Reach around).

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Silly gameAr3790d ago

Chill out. It's not a big deal.

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