Where is Rainbow Six: Vegas?

Online retailers are either still showing the release date as June 26th, which was previously expected, or delayed until Thursday, Friday or even Saturday. According to Gamestop's website, the game "usually ships within 24 hours," which generally points to the game being in stock at many stores.

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Crazyglues4132d ago

They said the game got delayed until the 30th of June... so not good news.. but not that bad either.

It will be there end of the week on Saturday.

Ignorant Fanboy4132d ago

not a developer problem.

When its a manufacturing problem, they can fix it in a few days.

When its a developers problem, they delay it for months!

TheExecutive4132d ago

yeah, im annoyed... I drove to walmart... no sign of it... target... no sign of it... gamestop said that it ships on the 29th and will be in the store on the 30th. Im a little pissed

toughNAME4132d ago

wasnt it officially delayed 4 times already???

LSDARBY4131d ago

Are the UK still getting it 29th

lil bush4131d ago

just bought the game at my local gamestop

my gamertag is: prbkman