Uncharted 2 Is Now Sony's Fastest Selling First Party Title For PlayStation

When something is great, say it's great. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is indeed great. Sometimes the best in entertainment, whether it be music, movies, or gaming, are never experienced by the masses. They slip in and out and the ones who had the privilege to enjoy the genius deem themselves as blessed.

Uncharted 2 is an exception. It is one of the most amazing and memorable gaming experiences ever forged, and it's being enjoyed by millions, over 3.5 million actually.

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Cajun Chicken3788d ago

Uncharted:DF should of sold this. Damn 360 biased media back then stopped it from doing so, one of the best games of 2007.

movements3788d ago

But it's still one of the best games in every sense of the word anywhere...

Raoh3788d ago

i agree one hundred percent

i also feel the same way about heavenly sword.. one of my favorite and top ten games of this generation

they had great pacing, great AI, great story, played as two characters, the sixaxis gameplay was just unbelievable and i could have swore it would catch on but sadly it got bad publicity and sony didnt' even try to save that ip.. dev walked away and i think the dev is going to regret not sticking with heavenly sword..

Cajun Chicken3788d ago

I've still not tried Heavenly Sword. I'm going to have to pick that up one day.

movements3788d ago

I agree with Raoh, Sony might regret letting the devs who developed Heavenly Sword go so quickly.

sikbeta3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Guys, U:DF sold 3m and that's Good Number, about HR is just a shame, such an Awesome Game so underrated


Amazing for Sony, Naughty Dog are Masters, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is just Perfect and it's selling by its own

Jinxstar3787d ago

It deserves it. Glad ND is doing well.

zeeshan3787d ago

@sikbeta: I believe you meant HS (Heavenly Sword) and not HR (Heavy Rain) cuz HR is getting great reviews =)

Well done Naughty Dogs! I am sure that by the end of the year, U2 will hit 5 million given how rapidly PS3 users are increasing each month, I am sure it'll cross MGS4 real soon :)

PrimordialSoupBase3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? Uncharted: DF was met by very good reviews. And that you think the media, as a collective, wants a game to do poorly is retarded. Let me guess, according to you 9/11 was a government conspiracy?

Your IQ is on par with the price of the videogames you buy.

weazel3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Bit extreme there PSB. Agree with your point though, as the media generally gave it pretty good review scores.(It was the final straw that made me buy a PS3).
I think the only reason it didn't do better at the time was that the ps3 was still in its relative infancy, and as usual at that point, they just didn't know how to promote for sh*t.

sikbeta3787d ago


Yep, My bad, I wanted to say HEAVENLY SWORD and NOT [HEAVY RAIN], too many Games to Remember lol

Lightsaber3787d ago

I pretty sure this is BS and MGS4 is still the fastest selling and it sold more copies

ico923787d ago

DF is an amazingly under-appreciated game it is to a among theives what reservoir dogs is to pulp fiction, it laid the blue prints for the masterpeice and became overshadowed by it

ZBlacktt3787d ago

The key word here is " first party ". ND is owned by Sony. Where MGS4 is Kojima who is a 3rd party company. Yes, as far as exclusives to the PS3 go, MGS4 is still number 1. I think UC2 is number 3 after GT5 P.

TengkuAmir103787d ago

GOWIII will outsell it pretty quickly. Anyway, out of 34 million owners out there, why did only 3.5mill bought the friggin' game? PS3 owners should buy more games. I mean when you look at HALO and all the 360 games out there, you ask yourself, "how come a game much better than HALO isn't outselling the latter?". HALO is exclusive, Xbox 360 only have about 38mill users out there n not many play LIVE, so i mean, how is this possible? I keep asking myself that...

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unrealgamer583788d ago

best console game this gen imo

bring the disagrees b!tches.

aaron58293788d ago

Eventhough i agree with your statement...

Hey, you asked for it.. :P

remanutd553787d ago

its not my best game this generation but 1 thing i can tell you is my greatest action / adventure game of all time , my best game this generation is Metal Gear Solid 4 , lets see what The Ghost of Sparta EPIC ending say about it or what new fantasy world Mr. Ueda have in store for me to explore but until then Snake latest saga holds that privilege position in my greatest games of all time , Mr Drake needs more experience to even be compare to Snake or Kratos but he is definitely going in the right direction , he is becoming one of playstation iconic characters pretty quick this generation no doubt about it

xaviertooth3788d ago

very well deserved! the awards just pouring.

naughty dogs are one of the most amazing devs in the world and one of few work-friendly dev house of all time.

big props to sony as well for allowing ND to manage by themselves.

gameseveryday3788d ago

It got game of the year for no reason :)

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