The Best and Worst of Final Fantasy

Examiner: With Final Fantasy XIII's release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 quite literally just around the corner (March 9th), it's time to take a walk down nostalgia lane and revisit the franchise's distinguished past.

It's been more than two decades since Final Fantasy debuted in 1987 as director Hironobu Sakaguchi's last ditch attempt to make video games, and since then the series has evolved greatly. One humongous merger, 12 single-player RPG epics, one Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game with millions of subscribers and countless spin-offs and remakes later, Square Enix has earned itself the reputation of being one of the most influential and prestigious gaming studios in the industry.

However, while gamers tend to remember Final Fantasy more for its halcyon days back on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation, the series has had its share of missteps as well.

With that said, here are some of the most defining, shining highlights in Final Fantasy history, and some of the moments best left forgotten.

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Ninji3785d ago

But the worst FF is easily FF13.

And here I thought that on-the-rails games were Wii exclusive.

teenieboober3785d ago

Seeing as how FFXIII hasn't even been released....

blitz06233785d ago

So I presume you've played an import of 13? Or are you basing that opinion on the limited reviews that are available?

teenieboober3785d ago

Let's not forget that FFX was technically on-rails too and it's easily one of the best FF's made.

Advari3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I don't agree with Kefka It should be Sephiroth in there he is the best villian ever. No Square character can even come close to him. And Square has not even made a character to even rival him. He is ruthless and will crush those who stand in his way ontop of that nothing beats the scene where he comes down and runs the Masamune through Aeris. Most memorable scene out of Final Fantasy is when Cloud puts Aeris into the water or when the Holy Materia falls from her hair piece as soon as it hits the ground her music starts. The only other thing that was good about Final Fantasy was music from Nobuo Uematsu and I don't kow if they use him for FF13 or not but his music also made the game great. I baught new Final Fantasy games just to hear his music for the game. Each Final Fantasy was great and bad in its own ways the only Final Fantasy that truly sucks is Spirits Within

George Sears3785d ago

Sephiroth is nothing more than your typical anime bad guy. Cool and collective that makes him somewhat likeable (maybe even more than the main character himself) because of his goals/intentions. Sure, he was badass and in one time regarded as a hero but Kefka is all and all the defintion of a villain.

He is pure evil, phsycotic and simply does not care about anything but gaining power and killing anything on sight.

As far as evil goes, he is unmatched on the FF universe. Not only did he succeed on poisoning peoples water supply he destroyed a freaking planet on the process. He was also a "in your face type of villain" wheras Sephiroth disappears for a huge portion of the game once he destroyed Clouds town, kefka was always around with his evil grim and maniacal laughter.

Overall, as a villain, Kefka succeded on all fronts. Only thing he did not win was popularity, that's where Seph comes in.

tehk1w13785d ago

Kefka reminded me of the Joker so much.

Just wanted to watch the world burn.

lolcatz3785d ago

I still don't think Spirits Within was that bad of a movie....

Bereaver3785d ago

@George Sears

Anyone that has an agenda to destroy the world has enough sense to understand what he's doing.

As for Sephiroth, he is the highest level of psycho. He freaks out and somehow spears a huge snake on top of a tree, kills the only girl you were in love with (which you were sworn to protect by your best friend), and totally not care and just walk through a fricking blazing fire.

teenieboober3785d ago

Kefka kicks a dude off a floating continent and MURDERS an entire city full of little children and baby kittens by poisoning their water!

Sephiroth wins on style, but Kefka goes for the low blows all day.

Megaton3785d ago

Sephiroth wishes he could be half the villain Kefka is.

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lolcatz3785d ago

Good call on FFT having the best story. I actually teared up a bit at the end of the PSP version.

Ovelia nooooooooooooooooooooooo

Fragger2k83785d ago

Just to be honest, I have never cared for any Final Fantasy game. The combat style is definitely not for me.

If I had to choose the one I liked the best from what I played, though, I would pick FFVII.

Knightofelemia3785d ago

Each Final Fantasy was great in its own way to me its a toss up between Sephiroth and Kefka. As long as they don't have the wierd cook character with the tounge from FF9 he/she was a stupid character. But FF13 has to fix the rep Square was known for in the past.