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"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #4, Nick covers this week's latest news including info on God of War III and events including Aaron Greenburg's past statement. Nick also talks about the missed opportunities Sony has had with the PlayStation Network. Lastly, he discusses what really grinds his gears."

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Nick2120043798d ago

Sony definitely has some work to do with the PlayStation Network, but is not bad for Sony's first go at an online network. I think that when the next PlayStation launches, the network service will be created with an all new approach. What would you guys like to see for the PlayStation Network?

raztad3797d ago

Any network service that allows me to play MAG is more than enough for me. Anything additional is just a plus.

Ninji3797d ago

You definitely have some work to do on your site, but it's not bad for a mediocre blog site.

Greywulf3797d ago

Nick, whats your business background as well as journalistic credentials? Especially in the field of online gaming, network content, & communities...

PSN is fine for what it is. It works for hitting "play online" then finding a game with people. Which is what the PC/Other online gaming has been since forever. a few luxury features would be great, but it offers content as well as gameplay.

Can it offer more? Yep. Has Sony been working on it 247? Yep. keep pretending you're writing this for people outside of N4G.

mushroomwig3796d ago

My Dad always told me never to trust anyone with braces.

TheDudeAbides3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Ha ha ha what a poor website, bunch of kids wanna be "gamez jurnalist" these days, wake up!
And this "show" is weak as hell, where is your championship belt.
Nobody cares about some kid's "opinions", news/rumors or gtfo.
It's more than 800mb damn, that's quality over content.

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Godmars2903798d ago

As well as a makeup person...

Nick2120043798d ago

Lol sorry man. I rendered the wrong video last night, but I just posted the updated version. There are still a few mess-ups here and there left in the show, but I will be constantly improving my representation and video effects.

Christopher3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Nick, one huge improvement I can suggest for you in future videos is to use a laptop or something that you can place at eye level and read from rather than from something in your hands (turn that zoom level up to read it from afar). Use a wireless keyboard or even just a mouse with a scroll button to scroll the page as you read it, just make sure you have a quiet keyboard or scroll button. This way you keep your focus at the audience and don't look down a lot to read and should keep you from moving around in your chair, which you can hear creaking a lot in the video since you move a lot.

Haven't finished watching it yet, but I'll post back with a comment on your PSN analysis when I'm done.

Nick2120043798d ago

Sony definitely has some work to do with the PlayStation Network, but is not bad for Sony's first go at an online network. I think that when the next PlayStation launches, the network service will be created with an all new approach. What would you guys like to see for the PlayStation Network?

Shadow Man3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

But not everybody has headsets... also costume music and exclusive DLC on day one.

Nick2120043797d ago

Cross-game chat is definitely needed, but Sony will need more than that to be where XBL is.

Philaroni3798d ago

Sony, unlike MS has no networking infrastructure. MS had that all in place because of Windows and there other products. Sony's strength is in there First and Second Party studios. MS is that they can leverage Windows and there networking, also unlike Sony I am sure MS had better relationships with 3rd party non game company's like Netflix, and Facebook.

I'll try to explain it more in depth in the next AG podcast. Good Vid just need to fix a few small things.

Nick2120043797d ago

I understand what your saying, but if Sony wants to compete with an infrastructure like XBL, Sony needs to step it up!

blackboyunltd3797d ago

Sony has alot of opportunities but they let it slip by

Godmars2903797d ago

PSN doesn't need to compete with XBL, it just needs to be competent. Which it is.

Unless someone can show that they're buying a 360 or a PS3 mainly for their online services, those online services have no real value.

mastiffchild3797d ago

Well, I think it's a taste issue as much as anything IF you have both consoles. Are social features like XGC more important to you or more games with dedicated servers and bigger matches? Better invite systems or something leaner but free?

Saturated with ads or not saturated with ads?

I'm not bashing Live as it's a great service, by and large(though pre NXE I was WAY, WAY happier with it-I HATE having to have an avatar and even more having to be reminded every time I turn my 360 on!), and I completely get why other people might prefer it to PSN as the things I dislike about it are the things most people want on PSN!I just pray that no one imagines for one moment that when XGC finally arrives on PSN they'll still ever get a decent game of MAG because they'll have no chance with half their teammates talking to people about God knows what crap rather than waiting five minutes like civilised people with a tiny bit of patience!

Certainly Sony have taken their time over some things but a lot of that might be down to MS copywriting the easiest ways to integrate things OR whole features, no? It isn't as simple as just sticking the features in there, you know? MS also started earlier and have better networking facilities and relationships with other companies in those areas-at a guess.

Whatever, I'd much rather MS had made the argument moot by insisting as many games as possible using Live had dedicated servers as I've never got my head round the free service having more of them(even though not nearly enough!)than the paid for one!

Anyhow any real argument should now wait for Sony's paid for "premium" package, how much it costs and what extras it contains, no? Both services are great, really, but Live isn't worth the extra it costs for me and wouldn't currently be my choice if they were both free. Sure, I'm in a minority there but I only say this to show that not everyone thinks of Live being best as a indisputable fact as different things are important to different gamers.

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