Motorstorm 3 Domain Name Registered By Sony Europe

Irish Gaming Site write;

"It appears that the domain is registered to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Curiously takes you directly to Sony's Official Playstation Website. So with that I ran a quick Who Is search and sure enough, was created by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on the 19th of January 2010 with an expiry date listed for the 19th of January 2010. It looks like Motorstorm 3 could therefore be on the way to Playstation 3."

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Sevir043789d ago

i cant wait to see this game, 2 wasn't as awe inspiring as the first motorstorm, and i think evolution new that which is why they didn't do one in 2009 like they did in 07 and 08, to me, the second game felt unfinished. i'm sure with all the tech going MS3 will look like UC2 with track defamation ^^ i cant wait.

captain-obvious3789d ago

oh boy
with all of those roumers going on i can see eony having one hell of an E3 this time

so far
KZ3 (maybe)
R3 (maybe)
TM (100%sure)
MS3 (50%)
8days (maybe)

and alot more

LordMarius3789d ago

yes E3 will be awesome
or GDC ;)

-Alpha3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

K3 would be great-- I am hoping for co-op and a much bigger MP with hopefully a theater mode like UC2/Halo. They have a replay mode on their website, but it would be better if they integrated it in.

8 Days had the nicest animations I've ever seen, and I would love for it to resurface. Scrapping it for EyeToy was STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

Can care less about Resistance 3 unless they change the MP gameplay, I can't stand it.

Motorstorm is a pretty good AA franchise, #2 made good improvements. I am a big fan of split screen and I love the split screen in this game.

I wonder when ModNations is releasing, that has split screen too.

@CPT Obvious below

Ah, ok, though they did put it on hold for Eye Toy for some reason. 8 Days just looks way too bad ass and I really can't wait for it. I still can't get over how freaking awesome that one animation was where that cop was firing his pistol while sliding from the hood of the car, it was damn butter! Resistance's multiplayer is horrible IMO. I tried getting into it but I honestly can't. Way too random first of all as death happens from nearly anywhere and your just mindlessly shooting at random enemies. R2 had great co-op though and I may buy R3 based on co-op alone.

I just wish Insomniac put MP into R&C again this gen. UYA's MP was awesome.

captain-obvious3789d ago

thay said that 8days is on hold
and they'll get back on it soon

and about R2
the thing is that the MP is just CRAAAAAAAZY

and i think that Motorstorm got alot of potential and im sure that this well show with time

Cyrax_873789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

...but I did buy number 2, and I loved it. Motorstorm 3 would be a day 1 buy as well.

Oldsnake0073789d ago

Uncharted 2 got its animations from 8days

jwatt3789d ago

I swear I was just thinking is a new Motorstorm going to come out this yea even though there's GT5 and Modnation Racers coming out this year.

Maddens Raiders3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

best Off-Road Racing Game Series of ALL-TIME.

3 times is a charm and (another platinum).

adriano9993789d ago

The first Motorstorm came out in 06(NA), not 07

BlackIceJoe3789d ago

Alpha-Male22 I so agree I want to see Eight Days come back. Because what was shown from the leaked footage the game looked like it would have been a great split-screen co-op game. So I hope Sony puts it back into production. Plus if Killzone 3 has co-op that will be awesome. Because the whole time I was playing KZ2 I thought the game would fit perfectly for co-op. So I hope it gets added into KZ3.

The Great Melon3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I am so glad I bought the MotorStorm 2 a month or so ago back when it was on sale for $20. My friends and I have been having a blast with the game in split screen. I wish the map packs weren't so much else I would buy them in an instant.

While I liked the first one a lot, the lack of split screen killed it for me, so the second one has been my favorite. I much prefer playing games with people, not avatars.

Saaking3789d ago

I remember Motorstorm beating out Forza 2 at the AIAS awards. Motorstorm 3 is very welcomed.

TOO PAWNED3789d ago

i was hoping they were making something new, not new Motowhocares 3

sniper-squeak3789d ago

Hopefully this one will be more like the very first trailer for Motorstorm ever shown :D (including in-car view)

masterg3789d ago

MotorStorm 3 with ModNation Racers track building.
Now that would be amazing. MS/MS2 are still my two favorite racers this generation.

sikbeta3789d ago

Motor Storm[2]: Pacific Rift > Motor Storm


Motor Storm[3] >>> Motor Storm[2]: Pacific Rift >> Motor Storm

Gamers FTW!!!

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Raoh3789d ago

i hope its better than part 2.. it was a good game but i liked motorstorm 1 better.

Abash3789d ago

I hope this has snow terrain racing like Arctic Edge. With the PS3's graphics, the snow levels should look amazing.

unrealgamer583789d ago

gdc showing basically confirmed. now bring on resistance 3.

Scruffy_K3789d ago

In other, more interesting and unexpected news, the world continues to turn on it's axis

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