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"Check out the latest video review from PSInsider - White Knight Chronicles: International Edition."

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Blaze9293789d ago

I've actually been enjoying this game lately. Dunno what the other sites were going on about. Great score

AridSpider3789d ago

Yeah well that's why i like the smaller sites and Playstation Insider...those sites actually PLAY the games they review. No bribery or trickery involved. Plus most don't get paid to do it. Pure fans.

Great score

JasonXE3789d ago

like they say, can't spell IGNorant without IGN.

MisterNiwa3789d ago

Ive been playing WKC for quite the while now, i just love the GeoNet and GeoRama. :]
It's lots of fun playing online, it kinda reminds me of Monster Hunter.

Homicide3789d ago

Most reviewers probably didn't like the boring story, awful dialogue, lifeless characters, slow & easy combat, etc.

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JasonXE3789d ago

I needa pick this up. Probably after Heavy Rain...damn then there is God of War 3...damn you Sony!!!

ProA0073789d ago

I'd do GOW3, Heavy Rain, THEN WKC.

Crazybone1263789d ago

doubt this will attack the Final Fantasy 13 hype, but it's also good to see an RPG game that isn't from Square Enix on pretty much ANY system.

Coded-Dude3789d ago

i think it was fair. the game has its pros and cons, but is certainly a worthwhile purchase.

ClownBelt3789d ago

I love yulie in the game.

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