God of War III Demo

God of War III is just a few weeks away, unleashing Pandora's Box on March 16th everywhere. The hype is extreme and waiting seems impossible, but inevitable. The God of War III demo has surfaced in various packages but the PlayStation Store doesn't have it yet. Here's the complete PlayStation 3 God of War III demo in its tantalizing, high definition goodness.

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NateNater3798d ago

Wait. Is this the insane E3 demo or are they releasing an even more insane new demo of the final build?

Blaze9293798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

its the old E3 demo. dunno if they plan to release a newer build but I doubt it. let people play the old demo then why the get the game be blown away by the graphical differences

randomwiz3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

i doubt this site has access to the real god of war 3 demo a day after the game went gold.

this is the same e3 demo.

BuZzz Killington3798d ago

plus it leaves us gamers who get the real game a surprise......the gow 3 demo was awesome but if u haven't played the original games or gow collection , you'll have no idea what level of epicness is in store for the full game....the demo has like no real spoilers. its just a glimpse of the graphics and that new 3 part creature, improved game mechanics. the real epicness is in the full game...cant wait.....cuz of the puzzles and playing late at night it literally took me like 15hrs to beat gow 2 on easy lol those damn puzzles stumped me at times. trial and error baby.

weazel3798d ago

Demo has no real spoilers?
I'd call the titans pulling a flanker at the end of the demo a bit of a spoiler.

bpac1234567893798d ago

The demo was fine... a year ago. But it has a lot of issues, such as, frame rate drops and sound cut outs. It also doesn't differentiate itself enough from GOW 2. This demo isn't a true representation of what the final product will be like. By releasing it they could put a lot of people off to the full game. Especially people who don't go on the internet and look up games. I can guarantee you that the majority of people don't even know about the titan gameplay and they won't see anything special about GOW3.

- If they release this demo as is. Then it better come with a new trailer that plays right after you beat the demo. come on be smart sony.

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Abash3798d ago

I thought it was going to be a new demo they would be showing off. I've played that GoW3 demo with the older build from E3 2009 like 50 times already.

xTruthx3798d ago

They did it on purpose, the final built is said to look and feel much better.

majdees3798d ago

Can't believe this demo is in the beginning,, I mean what could possibly happen next?!

Hurry up March 16th or I'm gonna unleash wrath myself.

Megaton3798d ago

Judging by the ending of GoW2, I'd say this isn't in the beginning. The beginning is most likely everything we've seen on Gaia's back.

XTRGamer3798d ago

i played this demo alot. why can't they make a new one.

InFAMOUS13798d ago

If you have seen the behind the scenes footage of GOW1&2 you would know that Sony Santa Monica HATE making demos.. They feel that their work is extremely private and putting a demo out makes them feel like they are ruining the experience for the players

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The story is too old to be commented.