The Changing Faces Of Alan Wake

TVG writes: When Alan Wake launches on May 21st (hopefully), it'll be nearly five years since it was first announced at E3 2005. One thing we hadn't previously noticed over this time, though, is quite how much Alan's image has changed during the game's tumultuous development cycle.

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we won4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

You know a game might be big when blogish quality web sites are making articles and news about changes in developmental progress and other minor decision changes, when it comes to the cosmetics of the character model. "We'll contact Remedy" WTF? lol

Redlogic4784d ago

it just means since the game has been in production for so long there just so many changes that they can make an article about it. if the game was in production for a yr there wouldn't have been so many design changes.

i must admit, i wasn't too excited bout AW but as recently i have been much more interested and I'm seriously considering buyin it. Lookin forward to seeing more news/features.

FACTUAL evidence4784d ago

looks better than before. I think those are Alan's before and after the diet pics. XD

Umbrella Corp4786d ago

Sh!t happens idc how he looks like make the game chill.

beans4785d ago

Well all the running has obviously sped up his metabolism.

on topic: He looks much better now.

Fanb0y4785d ago

His hair looks a lot better. Could I say... cooler?

George Sears4785d ago

Shed a few pounds and uses less hairspray.

green4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

For someone that is supposed to be suffering from writers block and having trouble sleeping, the 1st image does not cut it.He looks terrible in the 2nd image and in regards to the story and the inner demons his facing, then it is obviously a winner.

commodore644784d ago

I agree.

The guy is supposed to be at an emotional crossroads. Writer's block, insomnia and relocation all point to an emotional crisis.

I have to say, the second picture looks more realistic.
Dark circles under the eyes, gaunt, troubled, edgy.

I'd say they nailed it!

DaTruth4784d ago

Strange to see you guys up there actually talking about games in a positive light!

You guys are like completely different people when you're not trolling PS3 news!

GiantEnemyCrab4784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )

Oh that's rich DaTruth. Just one glance at the first page of your comments tells your story.. Maybe you should take your own advice sometime.

Then you have the gaul to call me out for being a fanboy in another article.. You win the hypocrite award bozo.

commodore644784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )

@ datruth

maybe you should change your name to 'DaHypocrite'?

or maybe 'DaOff-topic'?

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