StarCraft II beta keys selling at a high price on eBay

The beta keys for long-awaited PC game, StarCraft II, are currently fetching a high price tag on eBay.

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tdrules4262d ago

not hard to believe, 12 years in the making

captain-obvious4262d ago

wow some PPL are just stupid
no matter what game it is
paying for something that PPL got for free is

why would i pay a 300$ for a BETA ?
and after a while i'll buy the full game with only 60$ or even less ??

Perjoss4262d ago

its not really 12 years in the making. Bliz have been busy with other things also, like World of Warcraft plus 2 expansions, rumor has it they been working on Diablo III also :)

MisterNiwa4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Star Craft is an official Sport in South Korea, so this isnt much of a suprise.

Oh wait, PC Gaming is dying. /s

heroicjanitor4262d ago

I'll buy it at a high price

JsonHenry4262d ago

If a few of you derros haven't caught wind yet, theres a slight alteration to the beta client that allows you to watch replays.

1. Download Starcraft 2 from torrents, If you haven’t downloaded it yet, simply bookmark this page and return once you have it installed.

2. Download the modified “Starcraft II\” directory here http://www.mediafire .com/download.php?ywo boylz5mn and place the contents to your Starcraft II directory

3. Download the Cache files here http://www.mediafire .com/download.php?ohm fg3jnjyw then extract them to :

Windows7/Vista Users : “C:\Users\Your _Username\AppData\Loc al\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle .net\Cache”
Windows XP Users : “C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Lo cal Settings\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle .net\Cache”

Replay files go into MyDocuments\Starcraf t2 Beta\Replays\Multipl ayer

4262d ago
So Easy I Can Do It4262d ago

blizzard's beta method sucks. they need to invite sc players first before the rest, then open up to everyone else to test the servers.

TheIneffableBob4262d ago

Blizzard has already invited major StarCraft teams to playtest the beta. From what I can tell, from the pool of players they've already invited, Blizzard is already getting tons of feedback. Hundreds of threads already on their beta forums. They need a lot of people to participate in the test, including those 12-year-olds with slow computers, to test the performance and stability of the game. They want to gather data from every type of computer.

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JonnyBigBoss4262d ago

$300 is nice, but I'm having way more fun than that playing the beta. It's also nice to get practice so you can win LAN tournaments later on.

Check out my gameplay videos on YouTube @ /jleack.

jdktech20104262d ago

Btw, I truly hate you (in a non serious kinda way)......and will hate you (in a non serious way) until the game releases...evil evil person

tdrules4262d ago

oh God you think it has LAN

JonnyBigBoss4262d ago

I used LAN for the lack of a better term. There will indefinitely be tournaments for StarCraft 2. I loved tournaments in StarCraft 1 and I know Blizzard supports them.

tdrules4262d ago

same, never been much of a Starcraft player but I want to get into it and go play some tourneys at my local Cafe

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jdktech20104262d ago

Um, I wanna play it but I'm not gonna sit there and pay 5 times the price of the full game's things like that which make me question how intelligent this world really is

lonix4262d ago

There's no way they should be able to sell that code when it is the property of blizard

dktxx24262d ago

Why? Doesn't hurt blizzard any. Hell if some guy wants to pay 300 bucks or more to get into the beta let him. Its his money.

And besides, a guy who spends 300 bucks on a beta code is sure to play the beta a lot. Thats what blizzard wants.

Fragger2k84262d ago

Exactly, it's not doing any harm to Blizzard. It's not like someone is taking their game and selling it to others as their own..

If someone is stupid enough to pay that much for something like that then so be it.

It does shows you that some people have no patience, though. It's not like they won't be sending out more codes later on.. I bet the people that buy these will be hating themselves when that happens.

dbieon124262d ago


I sold mine to an idiot for $99 on ebay!

I should have upped the price.

dktxx24262d ago

Turns out maybe he wasn't the idiot after all.

I kid, of course

JonnyBigBoss4262d ago

How would he be an idiot? He'd get to play the beta for one of the best games this generation with that single code.

Fragger2k84262d ago

The guy would be an idiot because it's just a beta.. Add that $100 with purchasing the game when it's out, so that's another $60, plus another $40 for whatever expansions they bring out.

That's at least $200 right there, when they could have saved $100 by waiting patiently for when they give out some more codes.

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