Gladiator A.D. vs. Tournament of Legends Screenshot Comparisons says, "High Voltage Software and Sega still haven't released any video footage of Tournament of Legends, but I noticed a few things about Tournament of Legends from the few screenshots they have released.

It appears they are using some of the same levels from Gladiator A.D. in Tournament of Legends. The level names below are how they appeared in Gladiator A.D. I'm listing some differences I've noticed between each games' levels, and including the screenshots as well."

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CoffeewithChess3166d ago

I really wish the style was the same as Gladiator A.D. instead of the new look for Tournament of Legends!

readiandnot3166d ago

If you could just wait like 30 minutes, I would have submitted this for you!!

On topic: I think that HVS really lost the vision for this game.

statfreak3166d ago

Like Readi stated! Give us time, we may not stay on the comp 24/7!

I agree with everybody though, Gladiator over Tornaments.

CoffeewithChess3166d ago

I know. You both know I don't have a patience though! I figured you were both busy being it Saturday and all.

N4g_null3165d ago

lol Rumor alert the new platform is a new controller for the wii that is also a portable wait for it GC that uses dsi carts. Think the Ipad yet used as a controller on the wii??? Maybe high voltage is PMSing over not getting dev kits yet lol.

LOL then you'll have pokemon on the wii also LOL.

Hey but word is they are morphing the new hardware to be more download friendly and get more people to network their wii. Word is also that will be indie friendly....hmmmmmmm

These are just rumors though. Sounds crazy but such a thing would be crazy. On top of this he points out that it connects to the tv or thur the wii.... I was all set to get an ipad if i could use it as a phone lol I got big pockets lol!

Any ways I had a good laugh at least till we get to see it at GDC man I was going to ditch it this year to work not any more. I could use some more zbrush tricks.

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tunaks13166d ago

Gladiator AD sounded fun, a Motion Plus RPGish Online fighter!
It also look graphically and artistically impressive ! I know a lot of people who were going to get it.

Tournament of Legends though looks and sounds horridness, I doubt it will sell very well and then HVS will blame us and say core games don't sell well on the Wii.

CoffeewithChess3166d ago

I really don't know what happened with HVS on this game. They lost their vision, or they couldn't get a publisher to publish Gladiator A.D. the way it was...I'm tending to think it's the latter portion though.

hardcorez3166d ago

Gladiator A.d. was the hardcore game. Tournament of Legends is for the kidz.

readiandnot3166d ago

I'm not sure it's for "kidz", more "Teens". That's the rating anyway.

ChickeyCantor3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Lets be honest, from the start this project NEVER looked that impressive.

Yes it has changed its color, but good call on HVS? Both versions would have sold the same amount, chances are this game has a bigger chance of sell since its not so gory.

All i want from them is an impressive Conduit 2 since they got all the criticism from the first game, they cant go bad this time around. However if thats the case then HVS just doesnt have it.

CoffeewithChess3166d ago

The fighting mechanics from the videos for Gladiator A.D. showed they needed some improving, not changing the setting.

The Conduit wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't a great game.
I think The Conduit's main problem was its broken online play.

ChickeyCantor3166d ago

No not the MP, the whole game was kinda, bad.
However it did entertain me.


Gladiator AD looked great too...tis a shame.

CoffeewithChess3166d ago

Gladiator A.D. had a great style, for what they were going for. I think they changed a lot due to Sega thinking this would help it sell better.
I don't know any other reason why they would change it other than that reason alone.
If the publisher says to change something, of they won't publish the game, the developer has to listen, or risk not getting the money for fund the project.

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