A sneak peak at the FF13 Strategy Guide

UFFSite just got their hands on a 28-page preview of the Final Fantasy XIII strategy guide, showing off the aesthetics and content of the official companion that will arrive alongside the game on March 9th.

The preview shows off several pages from different sections of the guide to show you what to expect, and they've uploaded them all for everyone to check out below.

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Agent Smith3790d ago

Really makes you wonder why you would need a strategy guide for a linear game. You ain't gonna get lost, just go straight.

AP3790d ago

The maps in the images are pretty funny, really... they're all straight lines. Looks to be a pretty-looking guide for collectors though.

ClownBelt3790d ago

Screw you guys! There's a little bit of curve. lol

pimpmaster3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

at least its helpfull not like the madden 09 guide i bought.

mrv3213790d ago

The first couple chapters just explain that you press forward on the analogue stick for about 60 hours... pressing x and using d-pad.

Troll-without-Bridge3790d ago

Moron, you don't imagine how wrong you just are.

Probably you don't even care either.

Rob Rymond3790d ago

All strategy guides are ripoffs.

densai3790d ago

they are useful for ff for the side quests and stuff

TriffidTime3790d ago

Haha, you would say that rob!

jdktech20103790d ago

considering you can find guides for nearly every game online a few days after it releases, the paper ones are pointless and a money sink

ps360owner093790d ago

I did it so I could get the exclusive artwork that's included in the guide

Saaking3790d ago

I don't buy strategy guides becuase you can find everything you need and more for free on the internet. The only guide I have is for Demon's Souls.

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Lucreto3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Got the special edition game and guide ordered. Piggyback make excellent guides. I have every Final Fantasy guide they made.

plb3790d ago

If you preorder the game at gamestop in store you get this mini guide. I have it sitting in front me atm.

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The story is too old to be commented.