Wii Fit and Heavy Rain are not that different

Bold claim, indeed. Nintendo's Wii Fit and Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. What could they possibly share in common?

A lot more than you may think.

These two titles are high-profile vanguards of experimentation in gaming. They have the potential to influence future software but can just as easily fade away if left unexplored. They find common ground not on the content they provide but on roles they fulfill. Destructoid would like to examine those roles in order to demonstrate just how similar these games are.

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ChickeyCantor3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The picture is brilliant xD

And before people rage, read the article first.

Genesis53793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Sweet! Now I can get fit and entertained. Instead of just fit and bored.

This comment was for humor purposes only. As anyone can tell you the only thing these games have in common is the fact that they are not the same as most traditional video games.

Other than that there is no similarity between these two games.

ChickeyCantor3793d ago

Don't deny it, you love the idea of Heavy Fit.

Saaking3793d ago

That's not funny. Anyways, both are video games and both are designed to entertain. So yea, they aren't that different.

FACTUAL evidence3793d ago

A ps3 exclusive+Destructoid=Lure...S tay away from the bait folks.

jjohan353793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Another stupid article from destructoid.

freeblue3792d ago

when they read and how Luigi Mansion and Alan Awake is not that different from each other from the other day.

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Major_Tom3793d ago

Destructoid almost has better writing skills than the type font when you get a disc read error while playing Mass Effect 2

LordMarius3793d ago

An article of Heavy Rain from Destructoid...pass

dgroundwater3793d ago

Silence with your ignorance. Destructoid has some seriously enlightening articles. Whatever stealth jab you think they may have done to your favorite game is laughable - grow a pair and read what a smart person has to say.

Might I also plug their article on "What NMH:2 Desperate Struggle Really Means". They make sense of 12 hours of anime lolicon and potty jokes. Turns out there is a deep and coherent plot underneath :D

wAtdaFck3793d ago

maybe you should actually read the article. its actually a good read

dktxx23793d ago

You can make anything sound similar if you simplify it enough.

Wii fit was created solely because of America's (and other countries too, but fatass nation #1 was obviously the main one) obsession with losing weight the imaginary way, easily. It was made because it would obviously be very popular.

Heavy Rain is the exact opposite, it's venturing into unknown territory. Will it sell or be successful? who the hell knows. we'll see. Everyone knew that wii fit would sell like crazy.

ChickeyCantor3793d ago

You did not read the article right?

And so many more to follow, you gotta love N4G.

dktxx23793d ago

I did, and it's dumb. His points make no sense. That's all there is too it. The games are not similar, at all.

dktxx23793d ago

Read the first sentence of my reply idiot.

ChickeyCantor3793d ago

I did,
" Heavy Rain is the exact opposite, it's venturing into unknown territory"

It was not, this concept is not so new as people make it out to be.
I still say you havnt, cause you obviously missed the point if you just say :
"His points make no sense. That's all there is too it. The games are not similar, at all."


dktxx23793d ago

Okay, lets break down his comparisons.

Number one - "As disparate as Wii Fit and Heavy Rain are, at their core they are about personal investment" - what does that mean, "personal investment". Does it mean you have to invest your time to play it (every game pretty much does). Do you have to let yourself become immersed in the game (every game aims for this). Do you have to sacrifice a bit of your humanity at the start screen (no you don't.)

Number Two - "Most games place you in the role of a character, giving you direct control over your avatar's well-being. Wii Fit does no such thing. Sure, there's your Mii right there on your TV, emulating your every action, but that's just it! It's emulating your actions!"

Then about heavy rain he says

- "In Heavy Rain, you follow the exploits of a set of characters. These "actors," are playing roles assigned to them as you guide them from a safe distance. You exert some measure of control, but it's indirect at best. Playing Heavy Rain is akin to directing a movie as it unfolds, altering the scene in real-time in the context of the characters' motivations and emotional state."

One has you playing as yourself, one has you guiding a character. That's a difference.

He goes on to say that the game (wii fit)is about how disconnected you are with the game. Its about commuting yourself outside the software itself.

Heavy Rain is about not being shackled down by necessity.

Those aren't two similarity's, but differences.

In the end he comes up with one similarity, that they are trying to be different, and change how we look at gaming. But to argue that you have to assume wii fit is actually a game, which only miyamoto actually believes, and even he probably knows it a load of crap.

ChickeyCantor3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

"One has you playing as yourself, one has you guiding a character. That's a difference. "

Really? No.

Thats just a gimmick nothing more.

N4g_null3793d ago

So does heavy rain have a scoring system? What are the rules of play? It has 30 endings right yet what is the challenge? I would have to ask the same questions to people who actualy read books. Some times on your second read thur you can see more means. Yet so far wii fit has a goal that is more challenge based. Can you really loose in heavy rain?

I'll see how this interactive movie sales. Then we can talk. If heavy rain does what interactive software should be doing like wii fit then expect it to sell light twilight the movie. Some thing tells me it won't though yet I'd love to be wrong. Then some one can make a new dragons lair.

nycredude3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Phew what's that I smell? Oh it's just that big ol pile of dung dktxx2 just left on sidar.

Dude he owned you man.

BTW if you consider wiifit a game then you fail at gaming. You aren't playing yourself, a character or anything for that matter. You are just looking stupid while trying to lose a few pounds. Personally I'd rather lose wait fvcking my beautiful wife.

I guess you wasted your money on Wiifit, and you aren't planning on buying Heavy Rain. Amrite?

Edit: BTW destructoid are the star and national enquirer of the gaming industry. THey are good for a quick laugh but should never be taken seriously.

ChickeyCantor3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

" Phew what's that I smell? Oh it's just that big ol pile of dung dktxx2 just left on sidar.

Dude he owned you man. "

Not really. I was just provoking a more meaningful comment than just " HE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE DURRRRRRR"

"BTW if you consider wiifit a game then you fail at gaming."

Its nice to know you set standards for what gaming is.
How about a big middle finger for you?

" Personally I'd rather lose wait fvcking my beautiful wife. "
O my you so awesome, here have a cookie.

N4g_null3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Nycdude ummm I don't loose weight fuxking my girl wow you must be pretty fat to consider that work and I'm sure your wides boyfriend doesn't consider it work ethier even after 5 hours. I believe there is an experation date on your marriage if you can not even ponder what this means.

NYC do you even read books or do you only read the Internet? Moives are the spawn of books and heavy rain is the next step that animators wanted. No I did not buy wii fit but I understand their appeal. Both are made for women I won't be playing ethier.

Even the Sony fanbase does understand what is going on. To get the violence hungry action gamers to play this is going to take Jesus coming back. Other wise Sony better get some serious attention from women.

You guys are way too sensitive. Heavy rain is a non game just like wii fit is part non game. On one post we have hardcore gamers saying they will not pay more than $50 on an add on while wii fit and motion plus gave us $70 controllers and $100 + balance boards. We don't even want to talk about rock band. That looks a lot more hardcore than the people posting here.

Just imagine avatar the movie being like heavy rain?

I'm a designer and a gamer so I'm open to art but I realize the boundaries of gaming also which is limited only by the people who chooses to pick up the controller.

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3sq3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I didn't know Wii Fit had a story/plot. :P

ChickeyCantor3793d ago


The fat kid dies at the end, no matter how you plan your path to good result. The kid will DIE.

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