Heavy Rain Selling Well on Online Retailers

We all know that the PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain has been at the top of the Amazon bestsellers chart in the US, but what about Europe and Japan?

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zootang3792d ago

The pain you hold inside for not owning a Playstation 3 is evident for all to see!

Aquarius3792d ago

can't wait for the flop sales of FFXIII the distorted version.

Madeline123792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Oh my ! Mr ps3hasonlyflopgames

Has a personality disorder, on gamer side he praises the game, in the open zone he calls flop.

What gives

ps3hasonlyflopgames3792d ago

Have fun watching the same loading screen over and over in your QTE flop rain game and getting ylod ps3 owners..


Chubear3792d ago

LOLZ, so it's a in a top "best" seller list... but it's a flop. lol 360fans are THE WORST! lol

3792d ago
Dtoxz3792d ago

sells well, good score on multiple occasions and yet, still a flop.

You aren't even a gamer are you?

PLAYstar3791d ago

So let me see what's the hottest game now on the crapbox360. Oh wait, AM I DRUNK OR IS IT A.V.P!!!!!? THAT'S XBOTS MARCH HOLIDAY GAME!? LMFAO!! Just how much you want me to show pity to you all saddest?

Don't worry PM me your name, and I will Enjoy Heavy Rain and GOD OF WAR III this coming HOLIDAY!
P.S on behalf of you HAAA!

Dev8 ing3791d ago

@playstar You are totally right. I am totally into MAG right now but Heavy Rain will be a nice distraction.

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Sonyslave33792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

LOL selling well on online retailer damn you know this game is flop.

cobpswii36003792d ago

You fail troll's are so funny! /sarcasm

Al Bundy3792d ago

I will help these sales this Tuesday.

nefertis3792d ago

im with u Al Bundy i will help the ps3 sales on march 1 though, I cant not wait im biting my nails hoping i get a ps3. Playb3yond

Lifendz3792d ago

maybe my most anticipated game for the PS3. Hope we see more devs try to give us this sort of game.

Veneno3792d ago

Gotta go put the order in on Amazon!

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The story is too old to be commented.