Reli2: Ultra-Quality-Config for Cysis released

Reli2 Installer completed: Modder Hawkeye Puppy have released the new ultra realistic custom config Reli2, impressive screens inside!

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whateva3789d ago

Maybe I'm just use to this now or the pictures are not doing it any justice.

but when I seen this video I was impressed!

Controversy3789d ago

Crysis is still king. I freakin' love that game.

execution173789d ago

lol thought those were real lockers, that is friggen awesome wish my comp was hella powerful

funkycoldmedina3789d ago

Looks awesome. Wonder what the avg fps was.

zaz123789d ago

I don't know why this engine sucks in the indoors environment.

TheIneffableBob3789d ago

That's because that's just a building in an outdoor environment.

In levels where the game is mostly indoors, it looks amazing. The SSAO adds a lot to the graphics.

meetajhu3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I just tried it. Its actually more awesome In-game. I get 25min 28avg and 35max @1680x1050 with 2xAA in 9800gtx+. Loading was same as the original crysis only 2fps drops enjoy if u got awesome GPU 285 or 5850,5870's etc!

My config
i7 [email protected]
6gb g.skill 2000mhz cl8
raid 0 640gbsx2 for games