Dark Sector to support PlayStation Home?

In a recent preview done by PSU, they mention that a developer at the show talked about Digital Extremes tossing around the idea of having items for PlayStation Home becuase the game will release about 5-6 months after Home.

One of the items they mentioned was having Hayden's metal arm as an unlockable for your Home character to sport around.

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Ebay3rd4132d ago

Any hear say on pricing?

Satanas4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

If you mean on the metal arm, I doubt you have to buy it, as it says "unlockable." Probably a reward for doing something difficult in the game.

And the article linked is the exact same as this one?

Bill Gates4132d ago

One down,..a hell of a whole lot more left to go.

I predict in time, ALL the xbots WILL envy the PS3....hahahaha

Daxx4132d ago

Achievements do just fine. We 360 owners don't need a virtual world to show off our accomplishments in games. Just good old fashion bragging rights in text with a little picture are cool enough for me.

Charlie26884132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

actually Lair was the first one to confirm the use of Homes stuff, later IGN said that The Darkness has them too...but that one is yet to be confirmed >.>

I think there was 1 more title but I dont recall exactly which one

@2.3 is the suppose to be good or bad?

beast4132d ago


I bet you like black and white tv and typewriters.

Salvadore4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

How come there're lots of Bill Gates Jackasses around here? Btw, would be cool if they offered items or such.

tethered4132d ago

The original Bill Gates (the one that posted above)on this site gets under the skin of the x-box fan boys so I guess thats why they are making up Bi11 Gates and Bill Gatez and so on and so forth.

Its all just one big pissing mach between fanboys on this site.
Has been for a long time.

kingofps34132d ago

They should have a Dark Sector area in Home. Also, the place must match the game's dark and creepy atmosphere. Now, that would be a winner.

PlayStation3604132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

than I may rethink which console I'll get this game for. I originally planned to get it for the 360. Now, I don't know. That metal arm thing for your Home avatar seems dope. Hope they include it. But I wonder, Sony said they wouldn't allow "cosplay" type clothing/accessories for Home avatars. Wouldn't this "Metal arm" fall under that catagory? Oh well, I'll wait and see what happens, then I'll decide which console to get this for.

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