Storytelling is the Next Step in Videogames Progression

An insight into the storytelling aspect of videogames, the importance of it for the medium's progress, and just because games would suck without them.

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Braineater24483785d ago

Great article. I agree with this argument, but I feel a lot of people won't.

mynd3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Those of us who have bee around long enough know there has been plenty of titles in the past who have told stories.

This is not a new thing.

See Tex Murphy, see 7th Guest, hell go take a read of the Pilgram or The Prophet or any dozen of the text adventure games.

BldyShdw3785d ago

Story is my favorite part, i love a game with a great story.

sikbeta3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Is the "logical" step and everyone will want it when the oversaturation of Specific Genres start to feel like a PAIN

Cernunnos3785d ago

@ 1.1

No it's not a new thing, we all know that. BUT it's not a common thing.

PS3Freak3784d ago

Story telling is much more important and engaging than flailing your limbs around. AMEN

BrianC62343784d ago

The commenters on the article are a bunch of idiots. Are they scared of having storylines in games? There's no reason great games can't have a great storyline.

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jFND903785d ago

Jeff raises some strong and valid points here. You only have to look at the buzz surrounding Heavy Rain which is already being touted for its level of immersion because of the strong and innovative narrative that drives the game.

Cernunnos3785d ago

I agree, better stories are much needed. Metal Gear Solid series has done it since 98, and that is the most awesome series ever made. Now, games like Heavy Rain is taking it to the next level.

jFND903785d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with you here. Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of my favourite games, and why? It was more than because they opted for the more practical over-the-shoulder camera for enhanced run 'n' gun. It was more than because the visuals were incredible, or because the voice acting was spot on. Hideo Kojima brought the heat, and this time around, Old Snake was more vulnerable than ever.

By introducing this fragile, broken war warrior, we connected with him through the MGS4 journey. The Microwave Hallway scene was awesome, too. Very heartbreaking.

Cernunnos3785d ago

Oh yes. When he took off his shirt before Naomi and you saw his broken body, and you thought that this old warrior still is out there fighting for everyone other than himself when everybody else would've gone to a hospital to die and feel sorry for themselves.

Solid Snake has been my childhood hero through 12 years, I was 8 when I played MGS1 the first time, I remember crying like a baby when Meryl was shot^^.

Psycho_Mantis3785d ago

Yes, very true indeed! Love this article. Not only is story important in video games when i look back on Bioshock, MGS, etc. But how its portrayed in the right way possible. A good example for me is the AC games' story. Hell even after playing AC2 i realized and said to myself, "Now this is why i play games!". Because i love good storys that are told through plot twists cause thoes are always my favriot. And most importantley is having a connection to certain charaectors in games like Solid snake that can make you really feel for them.

I think there should be more storys told trough gaming these days.
Somehow i feel there arnt enough for some reason.

Cernunnos3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Indeed! AC2's plot twists are awesome!

And you are right, MGS hits the nail because you really do feel for the characters! I felt sad as hell for Snake in MGS4, and who didn't feel sad at the end of MGS3? Or Sniper Wolf's death speech in MGS1? Many people say that MGS is so full of useless chatter, with lots of unecessary cutscenes and dialogue. To me, that builds immersion, you really feel like there is a whole world around the game, you get to know the characters, and you remember them.

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