LaRouche Followers Claim Cover-up in Feds Virginia Tech Report

Last week GamePolitics reported that a Bush Administration study on the Virginia Tech massacre made no mention of video games despite allegations by Miami attorney Jack Thompson and members of the Lyndon LaRouch political action committee that violent games played a role in provoking the rampage.

Following the GP report, the LaRouche PAC called the study a cover-up on its website, and seems to allege some type of conspiracy between the video game industry and websites that reported on the Bush Administration's findings:

The video game lobby is praising the [Virginia Tech] report for its cover-up of LPAC exposure of the Va Tech massacres. On June 21, on the lobby's websites and magazines, Games Industry and Gammer [sic] Life, write:

"Despite the efforts of video game critics Jack Thompson and Lyndon LaRouche, the V-Tech report is out with no mention of video games at all… According to GamePolitics, the video game issue was brought up at the V-Tech Review Panel hearings no less than three times by supporters of Lyndon LaRouche PAC."

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nobizlikesnowbiz4158d ago

Score one for the home team.

Ebay3rd4158d ago

Always in search of a scapegoat....

The Snake4156d ago

Why do we always need to be the scapegoat. This is BS.

sumfood4u4158d ago

Buffoons of the Year! Massacre can happen w/o Videogames you know! Blame it on checkers or Monolopy since the shooter was poor!

snoop_dizzle4158d ago

someone stabbed another person after a game of yatzee recently. Sadly he killed someone, and is being charged for 2nd degree murder.

ShiftyLookingCow4158d ago

wow snoop_dizzle the number of bubbles impressive, so one more for you.

ShiftyLookingCow4158d ago

Bush administration video game coverup! wow Jackie wow and as for LaRouch, sounds like a house roach.

Rims4158d ago

Do these morons always blame video games?

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