PS3 controller discounted to $39 at retailer

Retailer on Fri. discounted Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 Sixaxis wireless controller to $39.99 in the latest retail promotion for the console.

The price represents a savings of 20 percent off the original $49.99 MSRP.

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WoundedMoon4133d ago

Amazon is reliable, why not pick this up if you looking for a new controler? I bet Walmart fallows preaty soon?

kornbeaner4133d ago

trying to get rid of the overhead to make room for the rumble version of the Sixaxis

SaturnTo4133d ago

Yeah I'm not buying another controller until it rumbles.

Covenant4133d ago

Good point. I've noticed that Sixaxis shipments to my store--which had been pretty regular--have basically dried up.

To those who will try to use this as "evidence" that the PS3 is dying/not selling--how is that different from the games offered on sale every week, on every system, from every retailer? GRAW 2 was on sale last week at Best Buy for $39...I guess that means either the game stinks or the 360 is "dying." ;)

Just a little anti-fanboy pre-emptive strike.

kernalpanic4133d ago

i agree with selling current stock to get ready for the rumble...makes sense to me to grab 2 more, then when the rumble does come out pick up one for a total of 4 controllers....anyone wanna play?!

Amplifier4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Here it comes CONSUMERS demand, Sony delivers!

This is the Sony we all know and love!



Suppose that the firmware 1.8(upscaling) wasn't demanded by consumers, more games weren't demand by gamers, rumble in the controller wasn't demanded by consumers, getting more exclusives(Haze, rumored Capcom and Konami exclusives)

This is the Sony from the PSone and PS2 era not E3 2005 to PS3 launch Sony, times are changing just keep watching

Um...also Sony has always had a new format on EVERY console...usually the more popular ones at that time...PSone(CD from cartridges)...PS2(DVD from CD)...PS3(Blu-Ray from DVD) but you refuse to see the trend

calderra4133d ago

(@[email protected])
What world do you live in?
How about "Sony dictates, consumers follow". Like with BluRay, and Cell, and the $600 price tag? Remember "people will work harder to get one" and all that jazz? It's Sony's corporate policy.

Bloodmask4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

you're such a tool. How about Sony ripped me off and lied to me by saying rumble wasn't possible in sixaxis, and it was so last gen.

And now I have to replace all of my controllers bc of it.

Amplifier4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago ) sorry you feel ripped off...NOT

Sony was in legitgations, weather you agree or disagree they couldn't do anything, so they delay the PS3?...screw you from wanting to keep the PS3 from millions of gamers and how you feel about being ripped off you are just ONE person

Self-centered people really irk me!

This is great news because it is showing us(PS3 owners) that Sony is listening regardless if these fools like calderra or Der Fuhrer agree or not

Special thanks to Maddens Raiders for making a GREAT argument!

PS - Delaying for Blu-Ray the format in which the PS3 was announced to include was a VERY necessary move but rumble that could be implemented at a later date is not, I suppose you don't lie either/how about you stop being a hypocrite and accept this is great news for the PS3

Bloodmask4133d ago

my point is their reasoning behind why rumble was not included, which was a bold faced lie.

And to make your argument look even worse the PS3 was delayed over 6 months bc of Blu ray.

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